7 Reasons You Should Watch The Mythological Show Santoshi Maa If You Missed It Before

Ashutosh Oak

June 7, 2019


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1. The Show Is Back On Popular Demand

Santoshi Maa is a show that won the hearts of the audience with a unique combination of mythology and family drama. In fact, the show had a run time of 500 episodes that is nearly 2 years, which stands proof of its popularity. On the popular demand of the audience, And TV has decided to re-run the show on a prime time slot.

Take a look at the episode of the show below:

If you haven’t watched this show yet then worry not, we have the perfect reason why you must watch this show. Without much ado, let us take a look at the reasons below.

2. The Blend If Mythology And Family-Drama

India is a country famous for its traditions, festivities and rich culture. It is said that the Hindu religion has a total number of 33 crores diety’s which include the many avatars of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and other gods. This thing also reflects in our choices when it comes to entertainment. We as audience love watching mythological shows as we have grown up listening to the stories and it’s interesting to watch it on TV. Certainly, the show makers seem to get this point correct as they decided to present the mythological stories in a modern avatar. When we talk about such shows, Santoshi Maa is one of them that fits the bill perfectly. The show runs on two parallel tracks at the same time. The first is about the goddess Santoshi Maa and the second is about her devotee Santoshi.

3. The Win Of Good Over Bad

Just like the characters of Santoshi’s relatives, every person goes through a lot of emotions and problems in life which lead them to develop feelings like jealousy, greed, and arrogance. This show helps us to understand the importance of having the right values in life and keeping ourselves away from such self-destructive thoughts.

4. Perfect Show To Teach Life Lessons To Children

We feel that this is the best way to teach the important lessons of life to your children. Small children often spend most of their time watching cartoon videos and games. If we show them such shows then they will learn how they should work hard and achieve success without any shortcuts and without pulling others down.

5. Credits To The Makers

In the world of science fiction and fantasy, this mythological show has made its own place in our hearts. We truly give credits to the makers of the show as despite being based on the stories that are written thousands of year ago they have presented it in a way that interests not only kids but also the adults.

6. Hats-off To The Actors

Be it any genre, the success of a show depends upon how well it is presented by the actors. The star cast of the Santoshi Maa deserves a big salute because they have played a major role in its success as portraying such characters is no cake walk. TV actors like Ratan Rajput aka Santoshi, Gracy Singh as the titular role of Santoshi Maa, Ayyaz Ahmed as Dhairya and Denina Bonnerjee as Poulmi Maa became household names with this show. It was not only their looks but also their hard work and dedication that added to the success of the show.

7. We might expect another season of the show.

In the year 2015 when the show was launched, nobody could imagine that it would become such a great success. After 2 years in 2017 when the makers of the show decided to end the show, the audience responded to it asking to continue it further. Due to some reasons, it was impossible then. In the current scenario we have no details about its next season but seeing the popular demand, the makers may plan to make another season of the show.

Would you like to watch the next season of the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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