7 Popular Myths About Maharashtrian People Busted

Aayushi Sharma

April 2, 2019


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Myth #1: Maharashtrians cannot speak fluent English

Stereotypes are as common to India and Indians, as is their love for cricket. Every 100 km (or even less) in the country, culture changes, language changes and in some cases, ethnicity too. Zee TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta burst one popular belief, or rather a wrong one, that every stepmother is cruel and mean. Sample the case of Anupriya and Kalyani from the show.

All South-Indians are stereotyped as ‘Madrasis’ but the five states are as distinct as Rajasthan and Gujarat. And no, not every Gujju eats ‘sweets for lunch’ or dhokla for breakfast. Similarly, not every Punjabi is busy downing Patiala pegs at weddings! Marathi speaking people or those living in Maharashtra are considered to be of a particular kind too. But ever wondered if these public beliefs are even true?

No, not every Marathi person pronounces ‘m’ as ‘yem,’ so save the joke, maybe?

Myth #2: Maharashtrians make for terrible businessmen

For starters, “1 te 4 saare pasaar,” ain’t even true! Chitle Bandhu has an annual turnover of over Rs 200 crore – sure that doesn’t come from afternoon naps?

Myth #3: Maharashtrians are all GHAATI people

To clarify it once and for all, ghaatis are Maharashtrian people who live in the ghats. It isn’t even supposed to have a derogatory context it is used in. Do you think Kalyani and ACP Malhar Rane aren’t well-mannered? Nope, right.

Myth #4: Every Marathi is a supporter of Bal/Raj Thackeray

Did you know Shiv Sena hasn’t always been in power in Maharashtra? Not every manoos is striking down non-Maharashtrians with bows and arrows or marching the Thackeray way!

Myth #5: Maharashtrians hate North Indians

Of course, you’ll find Maharashtrians hunting down Biharis and UPites with a stump-like weapon wearing ‘Go Back’ t-shirts.

P.S. The above statement is purely sarcastic, Maharashtrians do no such thing. 

Myth #6: Maharashtrians only tend to be interested in government jobs

Also, all kaamwali “bais” (house help) are Marathi too, right? WRONG. FYI, Maharashtra has one of the highest GDPs amongst all the Indian states. And no, not every Maharashtrian is interested in 9-5 desk jobs, sample the likes of Tendulkar, Mangeshkars, Kirloskars and several others.

Myth #7: All Maharashtrians worship Sachin Tendulkar

First of all, we have got Ajit Agarkar, Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar too. Besides, Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden once said about Sachin Tendulkar, “I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India.”

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