7 Popular Movie Characters Who Got Conned Just Like Tiki-Taka’s Khelechi Ajgubi

In the latest ZEE5 film Tiki-Taka, an African boy visits India for the first time and gets conned by a cab driver. Here are other popular film characters who met with a similar fate!

Ankita Tiwari

September 14, 2020


1 min


Entertainment is equal to ZEE5! No, it is not a lie. Vivacious and hearty content pieces ranging from action genre to romance, mystery, and suspense, ZEE5 has the best series and films in these all. But when it comes to a winning category, it definitely goes to comedy. A genre that is most-followed because it is something we can binge-watch with friends, family or just anytime we wish to. ZEE5’s latest release Tiki-Taka is a comedy of errors. It has a wonderful story and a star cast. But the main attraction of the story is Parambrata’s character Raju, who is a con man. Raju cons Khelechi off his money. But we have had more popular film characters in the past who have been great con men, and who have also got conned!

Watch the film Tiki-Taka below.

Here is a list of films from Phir Hera Pheri to Why Cheat India!which has great con artists!

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