7 More Romantic Moments Of Our Loved Couple Aditya-Dharani Of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu

Sneha Bale

April 22, 2020


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When Dharani made the most of their disguised avatar

Who does not love Aditya and Dharani? If you happen to see them once, you will want to see them again and again. Stuck in the lockdown, that is a farfetched dream for the time being. But that does not stop us from recalling many of the romantic moments that these love birds shared in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu.

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Previously we rounded up some of the best moments. So, now let’s start from where we left off. Let’s begin during the days when Dharani and Aditya pretended to be foreigners in their own house to witness Vikram-Shravani’s wedding. Despite sailing through tough times, Dharani managed to steal a moment or two of affection.

When Dharani finally said the three magical words

Aditya chased Dharani and then eloped with her. He told her that she mustn’t have to work a single day and worked hard for it, too. While he expressed his love in all the words that he could, Dharani remained quiet. Finally, she broke her silence and said the three magical words to Aditya after a long, long wait.

When Dharani got her proposal

Much later, Aditya got back to being the hopeless romantic that we always knew he was. One random day, he brought a bunch of roses and knelt to give his wife the best proposal. This is when we all went, “Aww”.

When Dharani got upset on her husband

One fine day, Aditya decided to teach Dharani how to drive a car. In the midst of their lesson, Dharani got upset because of his constant scolding and walked out. One thing that allowed her to do was the fact that Aditya would come back to pamper her. Knowing the struggle that Dharani had lived through, everyone felt happy and proud to see the assurance that her love provided.

When there was love even in anger

Aditya’s anger never knew bounds, but Priyamvada made things worse for them. Dharani knew that things could backfire anytime and to any extent, but she still took chances. And we’re sure, she did not regret anything.

When there were no more secrets

There is a popular saying that you cannot hide things forever. It was the same in Dharani’s case, too. She tried to protect all the good things she had done, from her husband in order to avoid being seen as a fake person. But truth be told, Aditya had to find it out. Finally, when the moment of truth came around, it changed the game for this couple and made it ‘all flowers and roses’.

When there is nothing but pure love

We haven’t seen anything new happening with Aditya and Dharani in quite some time now. But thankfully, that last that we saw of them was an extremely happy moment filled with nothing but pure love.

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