7 Life Lessons Hruta Durgule And Yashoman Apte’s Phulpakhru Taught Us!

For starters, Phulpakhru showed us the importance of cherishing the time you spend with your loved ones.

Manjiri Shete

September 29, 2019


4 min


We can always count on our favourite TV shows to be there through the highs and lows of life. Like, the Marathi serial Phulapkhru has been by our side and taught us many life lessons. These life lessons, while moulding us, have made us the people we are today. In Phulpakhru, we saw our favourite characters go through many ups and downs but the way they dealt with the situations in life was inspiring. On that note, let’s have a look at the best things that we have taken from Phupakhru.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. Manas and Baba’s relationship taught us that you may always have differences with your parents. But, you have to see from their perspective as they always want the best things for you. So, instead of thinking of them as your enemy much rather understand their underlying intentions.

2. There will always be a change in friendships. We saw Manas’ relationship with Revati go sour but that is the part and parcel of life. Each person who walks in will always have something to educate you. You have to just learn from them.

3. Your friends will start having their own priorities after getting married and having kids. Understand this and give them their required space. Like, Sameer and Manas’ bond transformed after the latter got married to Vaidehi and had Mahi. In this phase, Sameer showed Manas his support while not pressurising him.

4. Manas’ dedication to RBK inspired us. It taught us that showing up every day at your workplace is your responsibility. Somedays you might want to skip, but it is still your responsibility to go and give your best shot. Gone was the time when you could skip your classes and make excuses to your parents.

5. Stand up for yourself and never compromise with your integrity. When Shubham was leaking the data from Vaidehi’s company, she didn’t let that pass. Instead, she stood her ground and taught Shubham a much-deserved lesson. You, too, should never bargain with your principle.

6. You will never be too old to make time for your friends. As you are ‘adulting’ the work commitments and meetings might get the best of you but, amidst that, catching up with your old bestie is always a good idea. Sameer and Manas epic friendship since college time teaches us this and so much more.

7. Finally, enjoy the little moments. Smile widely even while stressed as it will instantly make you feel good. Because life is too short to be stressing over the minor issues.

After reading this, we would love to know what have you learnt from Phulpakhru? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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