7 Lessons Your Child Can Learn From The Jungle Book Streaming On ZEE5

Ankita Tiwari

April 27, 2020


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1. Stand by your friends

While the internet and technology bring us closer, they also serve as a source of negative content that can have an impact on you as well as your child’s mental health. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there is a lot of bad news doing the rounds on social media, which can make people feel grim, especially children. Hence what you need is a distraction and ZEE5 Kids is the perfect solution for your dilemma, especially in the current lockdown when everyone has resorted to watching movies and shows for entertainment. ZEE5 Kids is an exclusive section that has been started on the app. It has several animated films and shows that your children would love to watch and also learn from! Today, we look at The Jungle Book- which is streaming exclusively on ZEE5- and the lessons that your child can learn from it.

Watch an episode from The Jungle Book here.

The Jungle Book has been adapted from Ruskin Bond’s book of the same name. It is the story of Mowgli, a boy who is lost in the jungle and gets adopted by a pack of animals. Mowgli’s story can teach your kids the essence of friendship and relationships in life. The instances in the show where Mowgli’s friends Bagheera and Baloo have his back will teach them to be loyal to their friends.

2. Accept yourself

Mowgli’s story will also teach your little children how to accept themselves and not be self-conscious. Mowgli is a human being and he does not feel out of place with his friends who are animals. His best friends are a bear and a black panther and yet, Mowgli feels safe and secure with them.

3. Learn new things

The show would teach your children to go ahead and make mistakes as that’s the only way they will learn new things. Mowgli tries multiple times before he can successfully use branches and hang onto them. The key is to keep going till you get it right!

4. Never be discouraged

Mowgli is warned by Ka- the sly snake- to refrain from going on adventures in the jungle but the boy still follows his heart. Mowgli’s friends Baloo, Bagheera are also discouraged to search for him by Ka but they don’t pay heed to him. Giving advice is one thing but pulling someone down is another which Ka often does. Hence, don’t be discouraged by such people and hold on to your beliefs.

5. Go on new adventures

The show will teach your children to go on new adventures, seek out new people, make new friends, and gather knowledge from different sources, just like Mowgli!

6. Take a stand

Mowgli takes a stand for himself and decides to stay in the jungle with his animal friends. He also stands by his friends and makes their worries vanish in seconds. This show would instill self-confidence in your children and encourage them to protect their dreams and desires.

7. Face your fears and end them

Mowgli faces Sher Khan-a feared tiger in the jungle- and finishes him off. Sher Khan often bullies Mowgli and his friends. But once Mowgli gets over his fear of the creature, he fights him with all his might. Your children will learn that facing fear is the only way to overcome it.

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