7 Heart-Warming Revelations Made By Narayana And Sudha Murthy On Weekend With Ramesh

Parinika Uchil

June 3, 2019

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Football Was Mr Narayana Murthy’s Favourite Sport When He Was Younger

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Finally, the most awaited episodes of the entire fourth season of Weekend With Ramesh were aired last weekend. The fans’ anticipation reaped benefits when Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy and his lovely wife Sudha Murthy graced the show. Both the episodes were very informative as you may have already seen. If you still haven’t watched the episodes here’s a glimpse into seven rare facts about the couple that you probably would have never heard of before today. Starting with Mr Narayana Murthy’s favourite sport, which was football. When the host asked him to clarify, the answer was splendid.

So, according to Mr Murthy, a football was considerably a cheaper game as compared to a game like Cricket, where you needed to spend on a bat, a ball, wickets etc. He continued by stating that a lot of people can play even if there is just one ball. The host was floored with this statement.

Narayan Murthy Learnt The Value Of A Public Commodity Such As Salt From A Teacher

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During a lesson at school, the Infosys founder recollected that he saw his teacher carefully using salt for an experiment. A friend of his then asked the teacher why he did so. To know this answer, I will have to ask you to go and watch the episode on ZEE5 now.

It Was Narayana Murthy Who Proposed To His Wife

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According to Sudha Murthy Ma’am, her husband is the one who asked her to marry him. She, on the other hand, knew that he is the only one who can be a life partner. Even after achieving such great heights, the couple seemed to still be very much in love and we aren’t complaining, obviously.

Sudha Murthy Had To Make Difficult Choices When It Came To Family And Work

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While speaking to Ramesh Aravind, Sudha Murthy Ma’am got talking about the time when she had her daughter Akshata. She shared with the fans, the incident that it took her five years to tell her daughter that she is her mother. It was a difficult choice to make but she had decided that for Infosys, she had to make certain sacrifices to nurture it. So during that time, her mother-in-law and older sister helped in bringing Akshata up.

Meet Gopi, Sudha Murthy Ma’am’s Fourth Child

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Gopi, a Golden Retriever dog, and Sudha Murthy’s favourite child, is just like a member of the family for her. She had even kept a poem-like phrase with which she calls him. This is the first time on Weekend With Ramesh when a furry guest has visited the sets to greet their favourite hooman! Sudha Ma’am shared some fond memories of her four-legged companion. Watch the episode to know in detail what she said.

The Tryst With Azim Premji

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Apparently, during an interview with Azim Premji for a job in Wipro, Mr Narayana Murthy was for some reason rejected. The esteemed guest immediately clarified that had it not been for that interview with Mr Premji and had it not been the rejection, Infosys would have never existed. Just imagine!

Someone Once Tried To Throw A Slipper At Sudha Murthy Ma’am For Trying To Help

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A social worker that Sudha Murthy is, she recollected going to a place when she was younger and worn jeans and such kind of western outfits. She continued by saying when she approached a group of people there about her intention to help devadasis and sex workers, the villagers got extremely angry with her and shooed her away by threatening to hit her with slippers. She later went back home crying.

Did you know about these facts? Write to us about what you thought of the Sudha-Narayana Murthy filled weekend in Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, in the box below.

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