7 Facts About Maate Mantramu’s Pallavi Ramisetty You Did Not Know

Sneha Bale

June 26, 2019


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The only child


Pallavi Ramisetty is a popular actress in the Telugu television industry. She is currently seen as Vasundhara, the ideal girl who rights all wrongs, in Maate Mantramu. Pallavi was born in a small Telugu household. She is the only child to her parents and has always lived with them.

The Nandi award


The one award that most artistes dream of is the Nandi Award. Pallavi, despite being a total fresher, managed to the bag the esteemed award extremely early in her career. She won the award for The Best Actress In Supporting Role.  And we can say proudly that the girl deserved it.

Further studies


After the initial success, roles were showered on Pallavi. But her parents insisted that she complete her education before taking up acting as her full-time career. It was during this time when Pallavi moved to Hyderabad for her further studies.

First audition


During her final years in secondary school, Pallavi gave an audition for an unknown role at the suggestion of her father’s friend. And she got it. Despite having no clue of the craft and the industry, Pallavi dived into acting with the support of her family and friends.

Software engineering


Did you know that while growing up, like most south Indian kids, Pallavi aspired to have a career in software engineering. But look where she is today!

Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka to Hyderabad


Pallavi was born in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. Later, her father moved to Bengaluru due to his work and so, Pallavi and her mother moved based to the IT capital.

The ultimate crush


Pallavi got engaged to Dileep Kumar in March 2019 but the person she has a huge crush on is not her husband. He is popular South Indian actor Suriya. Pallavi admires him for his acting skills, physique and the effort that he puts in his work.

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