7 Best Scenes From The Kannada ZEE5 Original Film Bhinna That’re Worth Watching Again

Parinika Uchil

October 17, 2019

Original Series

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1. Kaveri is startled when the radio starts playing automatically

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Starring Paayal Radhakrishna as Kaveri/Devaki, Shashank Purushottam as Mohan, Sidhaartha Maadhyamika as Sathish and Sowmya Jagamurthy as Vimala, the ZEE5 Original Kannada film Bhinna is a winner. Director Adarsh Eshwarappa has done a great job in presenting a unique concept that will leave viewers boggled.

Today we would like to take you through some next-to-horror type of scenes that will send a chill down your spine, especially if you watch these once again with a good set of earphones. Starting with this scene, when Kaveri is at the cabin inside the woods reading her script. Suddenly the radio she just turned off switches on, much to her astonishment.

2. When Mohan sees a lady in a red saree run past his car in the middle of the night

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As he is returning home through a lonely area, Mohan is shocked to see a woman dressed in a red saree run past his car. He goes home and tells Sathish and Vimala about it but they find it hard to believe him.

3. Kaveri senses someone's presence in the cabin she has rented

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In the cabin, there is a first floor which the caretaker of the place asks Kaveri not to go to as it is under renovation. Still, getting spooked at night while reading the script, Kaveri ventures out to check out the first floor.

4. When someone in red shadows Vimala too

Source: ZEE5

Vimala is trying to make sense of the situation that is going rapidly out of her hands, when we can see a blurred lady in red standing in the far left corner of the pics.

5. Kaveri goes to Vimala-Mohan's house causing them to freak out because she is wearing a red saree too

Source: ZEE5

After Mohan confirms that he saw a lady in a red-saree cross his path as he was returning home, Kaveri soon arrives there in pretty much the same coloured saree. Not only this, her strange behaviour and devious smile give everyone around an eerie feeling.

6. After Kaveri's return Sathish is traumatised to see what his wife has been upto

Source: ZEE5

After reading the script when Kaveri returns one day, Sathish who comes home later finds this on the wall. It’s a wall with three dartboards. In each board, there is a photo of Mohan, Vimala and him, respectively and there is a dart stuck to each of their photos. After this scene is when Sathish realises something is wrong with Kaveri.

7. Kaveri's final dialogue will leave you thoroughly spooked

Source: ZEE5

If you have watched the film, then you’ll know that Kaveri’s final dialogue is when she is in the mental hospital for days after her return from the woods. She says, ” Can you feel it? There is a storm coming.” The very appeal of this sentence coupled with Kaveri’s emotions will creep you out for sure!

Let us know in the box below, which was your favourite spooky scene from the ZEE5 Original Kannada film Bhinna.

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