7 Anger Management Tips That Maza Hoshil Na’s Sai Needs To Keep In Mind To Tame Her Temper

Here are some things that Sai can do to overturn her anger so that it doesn’t affect her relationship with Aditya.

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July 23, 2020


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Zee Marathi‘s romantic comedy Maza Hoshil Na has introduced many interesting characters to us. Amongst them is the feisty, spoilt girl belonging to the rich family of Birajdars, Sai (Gautami Deshpande). The character has become an absolute fan favourite owing to the shades it has got. Sai is currently in the midst of taking her relationship forward with Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni) whom she was previously at loggerheads with. Given her short-tempered nature, she got into a fight with Aditya over petty issues. Her quarrelsome attitude is exactly the opposite of Aditya’s personality, which is more mature and level-headed. Thankfully, he kept their past history aside and decided to make advances to improve their relationship. Just when things were starting to get normal between the two, Sai got into trouble again, this time with Aditya’s uncle Dada Mama.

Watch the episode where Sai gets into an argument with Dada Mama.

Sai got into an argument with Dada Mama who was already having a bad day. She was hurrying in her car to reach Aditya who had called for help. That’s when Sai came across Dada Mama who bashed her for not following the traffic rules. She tried to make Dada Mama understand that she’s in an emergency and needs to rush but to no avail! Seeing that Dada Mama is in no mood to listen, Sai couldn’t control her anger and started answering him back rudely. The fight between the two got so intense that Dada Mama decided to call the police. However, Sai sent the sparks flying and refused to step back. She has to realise this might affect her relationship with Aditya who she has just begun to get along with. Sai needs to tame her temper down and avoid unnecessary fights so that it doesn’t cause a rift in her relationship.

Here are some anger management tips that Sai should keep in mind.

1. Think Twice Before Speaking

Words have the power to make or break a man. In a fit of rage, Sai recently hurt Dada Mama by reminding him of his wife. Dada Mama probably had a tough time with his wife and hence went into a state of shock after hearing Sai’s statement. So, the latter should think twice before speaking henceforth to avoid hurting someone like Dada Mama.

A Still From Maza Hoshil Na (24)
Source: ZEE5

2. Breathe And Let Go!

Sai is quick to react and express her anger on whatever she finds disturbing. Since she has been spoiled right from her childhood by her rich father Shashi, Sai has gotten into a habit of doing things according to her will. Therefore, she finds it tough to accept it when things don’t go as planned. Sai needs to understand that there will be times like these in her life and prepare to get over it. One tip we could suggest is breathing and then letting it go. Sounds simple, right?

A Still From Maza Hoshil Na
Source: ZEE5

3. Stop Holding Grudges

During her fight with Aditya, Sai held a grudge against him and treated him wrongly. She even threw a glass of water on Aditya in anger. Sai couldn’t get past the fact that someone like Aditya could take away her favourite scarf and didn’t forgive him for a long time. She can stop holding grudges against people that she feels angry about.

4. Spend Time With Aditya 

Aditya is obviously better in controlling his emotions than Sai. We have also noticed that Sai seems to tone her anger down in Aditya’s company. She’s starting to have feelings for him and she is ready to change for the good. Spending more time with Aditya will help Sai keep a check on her temper.

A still from Maza Hoshil Na
A still from Maza Hoshil Na

5. Confide In Naina

Sai can share all her angst with her best friend Naina. She needs to share with her what’s troubling her the most which would help vent out her anger in a subtle way. She can also convey her concerns clearly without hurting anyone in the process.

6. Overturn Her Anger

Sai can overturn her anger by seeking pleasure in doing things that she loves doing the most. It can be things like being with her family, going to her favourite restaurant for having food, or even going on a long drive in her car. This can help reduce her anger drastically.

A still from the show Maza Hoshil Na
A still from the show Maza Hoshil Na

7. Jot Down Her Feelings In A Diary

What else can Sai do to control her anger? Comment below and tell us!

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