6 Ways In Which The Horror Film Vishwamitra On ZEE5 Will Make You Forget Weekend Woes

Sneha Bale

August 8, 2019


1 min

1. Based on true events

This weekend, there is yet another interesting film, Vishwamitra, for you to watch. If you haven’t heard or watched this Telugu horror film yet, we list down all the reasons why you absolutely should. Vishwamitra stars Nanditha Raj, Prasanna and Ashutosh Rana and has an interesting story.

Watch the trailer here:

First and foremost, Vishwamitra is a horror film that is also based on true events. The film revolves around a software engineer who is troubled by her boss. An unknown person helps her each time. But… can you see that person?

2. Back after long

Satyam Rajesh, Vidyullekha Raman, Chammak Chandra, Satya and more. This film has brought together quite a few actors, who haven’t been seen on screen for quite some time now.

3. Amalgamation of science and myths

The film, although mainly a horror flick — promises to be a perfect amalgamation of science and myths. In the trailer, we hear one of the actors asking a psychiatrist: “How you can believe in such thing, being a psychiatrist yourself?” That’s how we know we’re in for something interesting.

4. Ashutosh Rana at the centre

Ashutosh Rana was once the bad man in every other Telugu film. Then he disappeared for a while and finally, he is back with a bang. In Vishwamitra, the actor plays the baddie and is an important character in the plot.

5. Led by a woman

Nanditha Raj plays the central character of the film. She plays Mitra, a software engineer who had managed to keep societal pressures aside. Mitra lives an independent life and deals with each day on her own.

6. Spiraling mystery

The film deals with a mysterious person, ghost, spirit or energy. On one hand, it’s not doing anyone any harm but why can only certain people see and feel this energy? What is the relation between Mitra and this energy?

Watch the story unfold on ZEE5 on August 9.

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