6 Unexpected Twists In The Nara Rohit Starrer Raja Cheyyi Vesthe To Watch Out For

Sneha Bale

July 21, 2019


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1. The dark secret behind the common man's face

The Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna and Isha Talwar starrer Raja Cheyyi Vesthe can be your go-to film when you are in the mood for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We list six scenes in the film that we did not expect to come our way.

The film starts with a common man trying to reason with a vegetable vendor about hiked prices. But he turns out to be the mafia leader, Manik, who has spread terror in the city.

2. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

The popular saying, “Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead” has been brought to life in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. We see two people on a bike, chasing Manik’s car with the intention of shooting him dead. When Manik’s men catch hold of one of two bikers, he decides to kill himself to save the other person. So much effort, for what? Watch the film to know.

3. The breakthrough career move

In Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, Nara Rohit’s character Raja is an aspiring filmmaker who thinks of ideas bigger than the cliches. He is promised a job by an unknown person who asks him to write a love story first. When Raja writes it, this unknown person appreciates it and asks Raja to write a ‘killer’ thriller sequence for killing the antagonist. What is this move for? You’ll have to watch to know.

4. The letter that changes it all

Raja was just starting to celebrate the acceptance of his ideas and scripts when a second letter from the unknown person arrived,  appreciating his storytelling skills, yet again. But this time the letter demanded something more. Completely unaware of the reality, Raja is asked to kill Manik in the same way in which his protagonist kills the villain.

5. The curious case of this lurking man

Right from the beginning of Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, there is one person lurking around every time something wrong is happening to either Raja or Chaitra. We see him until the climax. After a long wait and curiousness, it is finally revealed that he is the man who has been trying to protect Raja and Chaitra all along.

6. The ultimate truth

The film goes from being a light-hearted comedy to a dark thriller. We are convinced that Manik is the bad guy and Raja is the hero. But it is only later in the second half that we come face to face with the truth. But what is it? You will need to watch that in the movie.

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