6 Times Madhu From Ninne Pelladatha Made Us Smile With His Gestures

Sneha Bale

July 2, 2019


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1. Picking silly fights with Mrudula

Ninne Pelladatha has been running successfully with more than 200 episodes and the show’s lead stars have become instant celebs. It revolves around Madhu and Mrudula (played by Abhi Prathap and Madhubala), who are married now, and Mansi (played by Sree Priya), who wants to replace Mrudula. Madhu has picked up quite a fan following for himself. Here are six instances that will remind you of his simplicity and bring a smile on your face.

There is a lot of tension between Madhu-Mrudula and the family because of their secret wedding. They struggle for acceptance but Madhu manages to make everyone forget the problems by doing silly things or teasing his beloved wife.

2. Looking after everyone

Madhu knows the mess that his life has become post the revelation about his wedding to Mrudula. He is aware of the evil people who plan and plot for the couple to break up. Although he is cautious about his relationship with Mrudula, he doesn’t stop caring for others. As they say, he is only a call away.

3. Supporting Mrudula

Madhu’s mother sees his wife, Mrudula, as a disgrace to the family and gives her no respect. Madhu loves his wife and hates seeing her suffer. On Mrudula’s request, they stay in the same house and she bears with the emotional torture, but not alone. Becoming her shield, Madhu supports her every time someone tries to bring her down.

4. Fighting for the truth

Madhu is an idealistic and righteous man. He doesn’t appreciate staying quiet when things are going wrong. Often, Madhu steps up and calls out the wrongdoings of people, irrespective of their relationship with him. From yelling at his cousin sister and Mansi to his mother and the temple’s priest, Madhu fights for the truth always.

5. Finds joy in little things

Despite belonging to a rich family, Madhu’s true happiness resides in the small things of life. Making his wife smile and helping a friend bring more joy to him than material goods.

6. Dealing with problems in a unique way

The problems are endless! And we all know that. But Madhu has found his way of dealing with the situation in a way where his message is conveyed, but nobody is hurt.

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