6 Things We Will Miss About Subodh Bhave And Gayatri Datar’s Tula Pahate Re

Rukmini Chopra

July 20, 2019


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1. Vikrant and his evil ways

Zee Marathi’s hit show Tula Pahate Re starring Subodh Bhave and Gayatri Datar, will end today. The show kept us on the edge of our seats by introducing us to the twisted world of Vikrant and Isha. There are many things we will dearly miss about the series, starting with Vikrant’s sheer evilness.

Watch an episode from the show here.

Vikrant may be easy to hate but let’s admit that he kept the narrative exciting with his manipulative ways. From murdering people to plotting ways in acquiring Saranjame group, Vikrant has done it all to get ahead in life. We will miss his scheming mind and sly moves. Do you agree guys?

2. Isha and Vikrant's chemistry

Isha and Vikrant had a considerable age difference between them and yet, shared striking chemistry. The two made for an appealing couple and we will miss their loving moments together.

3. Vikrant and Jhende's plotting

Vikrant and Jhende always came up with clever plans to trap Isha and the rest of the Saranjame family members. We will miss their scheming ways and friendship, no matter how selfish it was.

4. Isha and Jaydeep's friendship

When Isha had nobody to turn to, Jaydeep prove to be her support system. Throughout the show, the two shared a deep and meaningful friendship. Their bond turned stronger when Isha asked Jaydeep to help her in going against Vikrant and he happily obliged. We will miss the loving way in which Jaydeep called Isha ‘my friend Vahini.’ 

5. Myra's stylish avatar

Myra is one of the most well dressed and stylish characters on the show. She brought a certain chicness to the show with her glamorous appeal and we will miss that.

6. The reincarnation angle

What wakes this show one of the most thrilling ones is the reincarnation angle that it introduced to the fans. Isha was always assumed to be the reincarnation of Rajanandini, who was Vikrant’s first wife. This concept kept fans hooked and how!

Which of these things would you miss the most about Tula Pahate Re? Tell us in the comments section below!

Catch all the episodes of the show, streaming for free on ZEE5 here. 

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