6 Things To Know About Astral Projection As Shown In Vijay Deverakonda’s Taxiwaala

Sneha Bale

June 9, 2019


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1. Astral projecting

One of the most interesting things about Vijay Deverakonda’s 2018 hit Telugu film Taxiwaala was the introduction to something known as astral projection. In this Telugu movie, we see that the character Sisira (played by Malavika Nair) wants to astral project herself for a reason. We did a little more digging on this concept and came across six interesting things you should know. Read on.

Astral projection, in laymen terms, means leaving your physical body and entering the spiritual or astral realm. Through a series of experiments on the self, one can ‘exit’ their physical body and ‘take a tour’ in the astral world. Often, people have quoted the best part of astral projection as floating mid-air and being immune to many things, such as jumping out of a window and landing safely.

2. Mastering lucid dreaming

The first and foremost step is mastering lucid dreaming before one starts to consider opting for astral projection. Lucid dreaming is the state of having control over your body and your dreams. Many experts suggest practising lucid dreaming by waking up from deep sleep, keeping yourself semi-awake and then dozing back.

3. Quartz crystals

Quartz crystals are known to keep our bodily chakras in place and also help in healing, physically and spiritually. When one projects oneself astrally, keeping quartz crystal is said to help. By placing one inside the palm, it can speed up the projection while placing a crystal by your chest can keep you safe from feeling anxious or nervous.

4. Expanded consciousness

One of the reasons why experts are encouraging people to experience astral projection is to experience expanded consciousness. When one projects oneself astrally, they are open to a whole new realm with endless opportunities to explore and witness. Like, one can command ‘Go to the moon’ and within seconds, the person would be on the moon.

5. Interaction with the 'non living'

A popular question is whether interaction with the dead is possible through astral projection. According to experts, it is possible. Most people who astrally project themselves have a deeper cause and motive. Most of them would like to speak to their ancestors or their dead relatives.

6. The Silver Cord

Another fear that sets in our minds when we think of astral projection, is what are the chances of coming back or dying while projecting ourselves. Though the question has no concrete answer, experts say that there is a silver cord connecting your physical body to your astral body. It is this cord that helps you in finding your physical body in case if you wander off to faraway lands.

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