6 Things Kalyana Vaibhogam’s Jeji Does That Will Remind You Of Your Grandmother

Sneha Bale

June 11, 2019


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1. Silently observing everything

While a distance starts building up between us and our grandparents as we grow up, it is undeniable that grandmothers have always played a crucial role during our childhood. Telugu TV show Kalyana Vaibhogam‘s  Jeji is everyone’s ‘ammamma’. The character in the Telugu serial is played by veteran actress Indhu Anand. She’s fondly called Jeji by the characters of Meghana Lokesh and VJ Sunny, who play the lead characters in the TV serial. We list down six things that she does on the show that reminds us of our own grandmother.

Every grandparent has a fixed spot where they sit and silently observe everything. In Kalyana Vaibhogam, Jeji does the same too. She is always silently observing what everyone is doing and saying, who is going out and coming in and at what time. Typical much? That’s because they care so much.

2. Calling out everyone’s nuisance

While she is a silent observer, Jeji makes sure you better be listening when she talks! Because she raises her voice only when she has had enough of your acts. And of course, we have no choice but to listen.

3. Making decisions for the house

We’ve all been there. No matter how old we are, we cannot say no to our grandmother. In Kalyana Vaibhogam too, what Jeji says is the final word. Irrespective of how rebellious a character is, they do not oppose Jeji’s decisions.

4. Emotional all the time

All grandmothers are alike. They have brought us up and shared all our joys and sorrows. So everything we do affects them too. In Kalyana Vaibhogam, when a person tries to be disrespectful to her family, Jeji stands up for her family but also gets emotional.

5. Giving everyone equal importance

Jeji does not judge a person by age or strength or smartness. She bases all her decisions and actions on the concept of fairness and equality. She ensures everyone is treated equally and with respect. So every time Jai tries to demean Manga, it is only Jeji who stands up for her.

6. Spiritual guide to the family

Without an elder person in the house, no rituals ever seem complete. They make the poojas and functions better with their valuable inputs. Mostly, they are also the ones who keep everyone in the loop about family history and mythology. Remember those bedtime stories? Jeji does the same!

Want to watch an equally strict but lovable character? Head to ZEE5 and watch Haritha play Akhilandeswari in Muddha Mandaram.

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