6 Signs That Show You Are A Cat Lady Like Geeta From Baapmanus

The actress who plays Geeta on the show is obsessed with felines!

Manjiri Shete

January 4, 2020


4 min


On Instagram, being a cat lady has become the coolest thing. However, the ‘cat lady’ tag comes with a baggage of preconceived notions. One of them being that cat ladies will spend eternity alone without a man by their side. Ouch! Haters gonna hate. We, ‘cat women’, have to unite and fight the evil of the world with our kitty by our side.  Co-incidentally, our Baapmanus actress Shruti Atre who played Geeta’s character loves felines,too!

Our favourite cat-lady is also Surya’s wife onscreen in Baapmanus on ZEE5

Like, Shruti, if you are obsessed with cats, then now is the right time to recognise your inner cat lady. Here are some points you will relate to!

1.    The amount of cat pictures on your phone is slightly concerning

Like bags and shoes in your wardrobe, you can’t have enough cat pictures in your gallery. They have taken over the realm of your camera roll, Instagram feed, and Pinterest boards.

Baapmanus actress Shruti Atre with cats
Source: Instagram

2.    You have cat pictures on your clothing, accessories and everywhere

Your obsession with felines leads to consequences like have cat accessories, clothing with cat pictures on it and wall decorated with pictures of you with your cat.

3.    Parting from your cat is the hardest thing ever

Staying away from your cat is almost as hard as cutting out oxygen. They are your lifelines. As you are so used to seeing their everyday antics and capturing them on the camera, having them away from you is the toughest deal.

furry kittens
Source: Pexels

4.    You want to keep adopting new kitties to your pet collection

Who said one cat is enough? Each time a kitty is put up for adopting you want to secure it. There is nothing coming between you and the kitten. Obviously, your first baby (that is the kitten) should have a sibling too, right? RIGHT.

5.    Netflix and chilling with our cat is your favourite pastime

There is no Netflix and chilling without your cat in the picture. It is carnal sin. You want to cuddle with them under the blanket while binging on your favourite TV show.

6.    You talk to your cat as if she is your soulmate

This is the next milestone in your relationship after watching Netflix together. You want to share the details about your hard day at work. Although you are getting only one response (or no response) from them in return, you still want to know if their day was well spent.

We would love to know which amongst the above pointers can you relate to?

After watching Baapmanus, don’t forget to catch on the latest episodes of Tu Ashi Jawali Raha streaming free on ZEE5.

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