6 Scenes In The ZEE5 Original Dhrusti Starring Rahul Ravindran That Are Simply Too Good

Sneha Bale

July 30, 2019


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1. The Usage Of Camera


The latest ZEE5 original Dhrusti is a murder-mystery that stars Rahul Ravindran, Vennela Kishore, Pavani Gangireddy, and a bunch of other talented actors. Let’s take a look at few of the many scenes that hold you in a way where you wouldn’t want to bat your eye.

The movie opens with Mohan, a digital photographer, who has been restricted to the four walls of his house. To pass time, he sits by his window and peeps in his neighbours’ lives through his camera. What are the intentions of this man? Is he a good guy or a killer himself? Watch it to know it/

2. The ‘Crazy’ Neighbour


Mohan always saw one of his neighbours talk to the trees kept in his balcony. This made Mohan wonder why and the curious case of finding the neighbour’s truth began. He finds out that the man’s son has moved abroad and hasn’t spoken to his father all these years. And then, Mohan does something that will make you heart warm. What? Find it out ourself.

3. The Math Genius


Mohan is the official photographer during Adivi Sesh’s (Vennela Kishore) wedding. But the pictures in Mohan’s camera (of the bride) tell a different story. Where is this wedding heading, wonders Mohan. When you find out what happens next, you will ask yourself ‘what’s genius anymore?’

4. The Expected Shock


As seen in the trailer, a young boy, Latik, falls down from the terrace and when it happens in the film, we end up being shocked as if we never saw it. At that moment, we found ourselves hoping that the worst wouldn’t come true.

5. Killer And Evidence


Mohan and his companion, Jyothsana (Pavani), figure out a way to solve the case. And the best way to be a detective is to leave no evidence behind. But our heroes here wake the passed-out killer up before leaving. Because what good is life without some drama, right?

6. The Defence


When you call trouble upon yourself, you might as well be ready — that was Mohan’s situation. Confined to one house and with a broken leg, there was very little he could do. Mohan had his safety measurements in place. But what’s interesting is the way he buys time for his rescuers.

Watch the amazing film here. You can also check out ZEE5 Original Abadham Venuka.

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