6 Scenes in Naga Babu-Niharika Konidela Starrer Nanna Koochi That Will Light Up Your Mood

Sneha Bale

April 7, 2020


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Let the heart flutter

Amongst one of the first few originals shows in Telugu was Nanna Koochi, on ZEE5. The show stars Nagendra Babu and his lovely daughter, Niharika Konidela. Through the eight episodes of this mini-series, we get personal with the lives of Anandraj, a single parent and his daughter, Tara, a young college student. Things start to steam up in their otherwise perfect relationship when the daughter decides to find love for his father again. And through her course, we find ourselves smiling ear to ear several times.

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Love has no age or boundaries, it can find you when you’re least expecting and leave you feeling whole again. That’s exactly what happens with Anandraj, too. Cold breezy, slow motion, a beautiful person, and a new ray of hope. Filmy much? Maybe that’s how love is supposed to be.

Finding sanity again

Everyone will agree that having friends is extremely important – not because you need people to have fun with, but because you need a set of ears to listen when you go on a ranting spree. Tara does that, too. Somehow, the scene ends up being so relatable and enjoyable, as if we were listening to one of our own friends ranting about life.

The real dinner table conversations

Unlike books and films, dinner table conversations aren’t sugar, spice and all things nice. Nanna Koochi makes an attempt at showcasing the reality of two individuals on the dinner table, with their admiration and difference. And, it succeeds beautifully.

Making mends

No flowers, no cakes, no extraordinary gestures! In life, all we need is a simple apology and a promise to be better. Tara expects the same from her ageing father, who she finds annoying at times. Anandraj, too, does not want anything more than seeing her daughter happy.

Being innovative

If you think only parents are capable of stalking their children, allow Tara to prove your wrong. When her father finally sees some hope in his love life, Tara goes the extra mile to find out every single detail that she can, about ‘her’ and about them.

Correcting your mistakes

We all make mistakes, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Most of us walk past those mistakes and pretend like it never happened. But true bravery is in accepting it and working towards making it right.

Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of Nanna Koochi on ZEE5, with your parents, partner or friends.

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