6 Scenes In Hyper Where Rashi Khanna Stole Our Hearts

Sneha Bale

June 22, 2019


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1. The naive girl

Ram Pothineni and Rashi Khanna starrer Hyper is a film that we remember as the ultimate go-to entertainer. Of course, the chemistry between Ram and his on-screen father Sathyaraj sparkles in every frame they are in. There is action, drama, emotion and so much more. In the midst of it all, let’s take a step back to remind ourselves how amazing Rashi, in the role of Bhanumati, was.

In her opening scene, Bhanumati is seen as the naive and innocent girl who is scared of the outside world. All thanks to her father, played by Posani Murali, who made sure she dreaded stepping out. Rashi played her part so wonderfully that we don’t just laugh at her acting but also buy her story.

2. Emotional at the smallest gesture

You knew Bhanu as the girl-next-door who is desperately wanting to break out the shell. When Ram names the little girl, who he saved after Bhanu, she struggles to hold back her tears. While she has had her share of problems, she found happiness in the smallest of things.

3. The goof-ball

In one scene, Bhanu keeps Surya’s (Ram) biker jacket close to her in the scorching heat of Hyderabad. Surya finds her gesture weird but dismisses it. Why, you ask? Well, have you looked at the goof-ball expression? Surya fell for her, just like us.

4. The personality turn-around

Because of Surya’s motivation, Bhanumati sheds off the layers of fear and judgement. She wears her heart on the sleeve and brings out her true personality. Watching this personality turn-around will make you smile and root for her stronger than before.

5. Wooing the man himself

The Bhanumati that we meet in the beginning comes across as the person who would never take a step ahead without someone pushing her. But later, we see her trying to woo Surya and she clearly succeeds in her mission. Let’s not lie, we’ve all smiled while watching this scene.

6. Subtle Satisfactions

Bhanu tries as much as possible and Surya just wouldn’t accept her love. When Bhanu gets a chance to speak to Surya’s father about the man who has been rejecting, she makes the most of it. She makes Surya’s father indirectly cuss Surya. Win! Win, girl!

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