5 Scenes From Sreenivas Bellamkonda-Pooja Hegde’s Saakshyam That Made Our Jaws Drop

Sneha Bale

March 15, 2020


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Witnessing A Change


Saakshyam is a 2018 fantasy-thriller film starring Sreenivas Bellamkonda and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles. It’s an interesting film because the hero goes in search of a concept for his mythological video game. But along with that, he finds himself playing the same game in his real life. How he conquers and gets victory is the crux of the film.

Within the first few scenes of the film, the foreign-born Vishwa (Sreenivas) witnesses accidents and events that set the tone for his future. Minor spoiler, it all starts when he rescues a holy cow on the roads.

The Story Of The Film


During one of Vishwa’s discussions, he meets Ananta Sriram, who narrates a concept for his video game. Vishwa is highly impressed. But do not keep wandering while this scene comes on. Keep a close eye, you might spot a few Easter eggs.

The Quirky Love Story


No commercial Telugu film can be complete without a sweet and quirky love story. Here Vishwa and Soundarya Lahari (Pooja Hegde) meet a few times by accident. Like most heroes, he tries chasing her but it doesn’t work out. The way he gets close to the girl is hilarious and interesting. Watch out for their love story.

Tracing The Lost Path


The most interesting thing about the film is its connection between the past and the present. Many men, one truth and a bizarre hidden secret. During the second half, Vishwa begins his expedition of exploring and tracing the lost path, ‘again’.

A Full Circle


The villains of this film are more interesting than ever before. Of course, good wins over evil and we all know it. Making this universal fact a visual spectacle is what keeps us at the edge of the seat in the climax. You wouldn’t have any complaints, we’re sure.

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