6 Scenes From Ram Charan And Rakul Preet’s Bruce Lee: The Fighter That Are Incredible

Sneha Bale

May 22, 2019


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1. A take on education and equality

Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh’s Bruce Lee: The Fighter is more than just another action flick. Although it is named after the master of martial arts, this Telugu movie is a complete entertainment package. Here we take a look at six scenes from¬† the action film that are truly amazing.

The film begins when siblings Kartik and Kavya (Ram Charan and Kriti Kharbanda) are young. They belong to a middle-class family but their father, Rao Ramesh, wants to make one of them a collector. Since affording a good school for both is financially impossible, he encourages Kartik to study well. This hurts Kavya and Kartik notices it. To make his father support his sister’s dream, Kartik performs poorly in the next exams. This makes his father believe that it is Kavya who should go to a better school. Now that is something that we need to preach, education for all and equal opportunities.

2. A lesson on respect and dignity

Kartik grows up to become a stuntman and earns himself the title ‘Bruce Lee’. One day, he is supposed to work as the stunt-double of Brahmaji, who plays the role of a cop. Taking advantage of the cop outfit, Kartik steps out to save a girl who was being dragged by a chauvinistic rowdy. The rowdy threatens saying that he loves the girl and so she cannot be with another man. Kartik reaches just in time and beats him up. By the end, the rowdy falls down to knees and apologises for his behaviour. He also promises Kartik that won’t disrespect another woman again. *CHEER!*

3. Calling out someone's crap

Rakul is introduced to us as Ria Rao in a setting where she meets a potential match, who is a police officer, for marriage. Her dream is to marry a police officer, who cares about nothing more than protecting people selflessly. Satyam Rajesh plays the role of the police officer in the conversation here. Though, to everyone’s surprise, he isn’t loyal, honest or dignified. When asked why he joined the force, he blankly tells Ria, “for money.” This annoys her and she gives him a earful in front of an entire restaurant.

4. Spreading inspiration, the modern way

Ria happens to see Kartik in the police uniform and believes that he is a real cop. Looking at him beat up the bad guy, she kind of falls for him. She takes a video of the incident and shares it online. Since she works as a game developer, she designs a game named Supercop, inspired by Kartik. When Kartik finds out about this, he visits the office and wants to bash up the developer. But listening to her speak, he falls in love with her.

5. A million dollar father-son moment

One of the things that people barely talk about is the father and son relationship. Most fathers consider their sons to be their alter egos. Yet they rarely ever seem to appreciate them wholeheartedly. Kartik and his father’s relationship is no different. He calls Kartik ‘good-for-nothing’ more than he calls him ‘Kartik’. During one of their unreasonable arguments, Kartik silently goes and hugs his father tightly. While he is still wondering what’s happening, Kartik lets go of him and go inside the house. Looking at this scene, you will be clapping for sure.

6. The perfect cover

Kartik, a.k.a., Bruce Lee, the stuntman is seen dying after being hit by bullets moments before his sister is in danger. For a while we really believe that this hero may not be heroic when needed. Maybe he is as weak as everyone else. And that’s when the surprise is uncovered. This hero is truly heroic, not just onscreen but also off the screens. How does he manage to save his sister? Well, it’s better watched than said.

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