6 Scenes From Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3 That Will Really Have You Laughing Out Loud

Sneha Bale

August 29, 2019


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1. A don in the making

Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3 is the fourth film in his Muni franchise and sticks to its genres of horror and comedy. To be honest, the job done is good enough for us to not ask for anything more. With a stellar line-up of actors, the comedy truly stands out and we have listed down our personal favourites.

A young, petite boy goes to the biggest don in the city and expresses his wish to be the next in line after him. But what’s a good student without some guru dakshina? So, this student brings a ‘case’ for his guru. But little does he know, this case would change his fate more than he can imagine.

2. Fate of the new don

When the new don is shown his place in the area, he does what’s told to him. And ultimately he doesn’t become a don, but a pawn.

3. The bed that's a solution

Raghava had been sleeping with brooms, onions and garlic, shoes and slippers by his bedside. And a bedsheet with Hanuman’s image on it was his companion to protect him from ghosts. But from Muni to Kanchana 3, a lot has changed, including Raghava’s bed. Now, he sleeps on a bed that’s shaped like a shoe.

4. A reality check that must be necessary

When the father thinks about a woman, who is not the mother, the daughter takes charge to bring the bad dad back on track. It’s funny how she does it — no words, no threats, no eye-contact. But the message is delivered. (No, she did not text him. No!)

5. The chaos that goes wrong

When three ghost-fearing people are given the task to provoke the ghosts to show a sign — all hell can break loose. And that’s exactly what happens here. From climbing tall pillars in a saree to kicking elders without a thought – this scene has to be by far the funniest of all.

6. The revelation that was too late

The members of the haunted house are scared beyond wits and that’s when a revelation is softly slid into the conversation. The Aghori baba who had apparently taken the ghosts out of the house did not do so. Why and how? Your answers lie in the pre-interval scene of the film.

It was a tough job to handpick only a few. But we’ve done it. Let us know what’s your favourite comedy scene is in the film. For more comedy, check out Allari Naresh’s Brother of Bommali on ZEE5.

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