6 Scenes From Nara Rohit Starrer Raja Cheyyi Vesthe That Are Super Amusing

Sneha Bale

June 6, 2019


1 min

1. The group selfie

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is a Telugu film which is about an aspiring filmmaker who ends up killing the most wanted criminal. It is about how and why a filmmaker and a criminal cross paths. The Telugu movie stars Nara Rohit (Raja) and Taraka Ratna (Manik) in the lead roles. Though the film is dark and scary, it manages to make us laugh every few minutes in the first half.

After killing a man in his own godown, the criminals come together and pose for a selfie. Twisted sense of humour? There you go!

2. The mafia build up

When Raja’s friend is stuck with goons, he comes on a bike wearing a crisp white shirt and trousers and has a bunch of men lying on his bike, who look almost-dead. Looking at the sight, the goons run away instantly. When a shopkeeper asks him who he is, Raja reveals that he is a filmmaker and everyone else on his bike are actors.

3. The day after the drunken night

Raja’s girlfriend Chaitra (played by Isha Talwar) is upset because he was drunk and tried to lie to cover up his behaviour. When Chaitra walks away from him, her colleague (played by Viva Harsha) cutely tells Chaitra to accept his love and leave the jobless fellow. In response to this, Chaitra tells him to “shut up!”. Raja is offended by him and tells him “try cheskuntava? Kosi fry chesestanu, yeddava.” (you’ll try on her? I’ll cut you and fry you, idiot).

4. The illu-ollu confusion

In an attempt to mend things, Raja and his friend stand at Chaitra’s doorstep waiting to talk to her. He explains that he was upset the night before and that is why he drank too much. He explains that they ended up sleeping on the road because when he asked his friend, “Illu vachinda?” (Is this our house?), he replied positively. In order to save himself from the couple’s mess, his friend says that he asked, “ollu vachinda?” (Have you grown fat?).

5. The church and the lovers

Initially, Raja followed Chaitra to the church just so that he could look at her. He even found a permanent spot from where he could see her clearly. One day, a little boy asks Raja to move. Raja didn’t want his angle for staring at Chaitra to get ruined so he asks the little guy to find a place elsewhere. But the little one says: “Naaku kavalsina pilla undi… jarugu!” (the girl I like is sitting here… scoot!).

6. Attempt at giving the ultimate gift

Raja sees Chaitra play with a little pup. But the pup’s master comes and yells at Chaitra for playing with him. Raja decides to surprise her by gifting her the same puppy. He, along with his gang, enter the basti at night to steal the little puppy. And the entire basti runs behind them like it’s a cat and dog fight and is supported by dialogues that are best when seen and heard.

The fun doesn’t stop here. It goes on and on. For some more comedy, watch Taxiwaala on ZEE5.

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