6 Scenes From Happy Wedding Ft. Niharika-Sumanth To Make You Curl Up Next To Your SO

Sneha Bale

September 8, 2019


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The Final Moment


The 2018 romance film, Happy Wedding, stars Niharika Konidela and Sumanth Ashwin in the lead role. After a long, long time this film is a refreshing break from the action and masala drama. And that is why this film is a great watch to rekindle your good old ‘lovely’ days.

Just like the film, let’s start with the final moment. Moments before the ‘big day’, it does matter who you are or how grand the wedding is, the true celebration comes dropping down from your eyes to cheeks.

The First Meeting


One of the most memorable moments in any relationship is the first meeting. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes forcefully, sometimes accidentally… it’s rare for anyone to forget the first.

The Many Dates


Once the first meeting succeeds, there is no looking back. Like Akshara and Anand of Happy Wedding, you too must have had endless numbers of dates. And of course, the endless number of gifts and roses that you must have bought for each other. Remember them?

Spilling The Secrets


Let’s not forget the days when you ended up learning secrets that you did not see coming yourself. Did you take it calmly and coolly as Anand did?

The Past


Anand, in the film, tells Akshara: “There is nobody without a past”. It takes a certain maturity like Anand’s to understand a person like Akshara, who is always confused. But how far will things go when Akshara holds the past and her present to gauge ‘what’s the difference?’

The Fights


In the film, Akshara loses her temper because Anand does not make it on time to pick her up from the bus stop. In fact, he also lies to her about leaving from office, despite being entirely caught up in work. And you can imagine what happens next. However, we all know that some fights are important to keep the relationship going.

Has the film reminded you of any particular moment? Comment below and share your story with us. For some more romance, check out Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna‘s Geetha Govindam on ZEE5.

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