6 Quirks Of Rakul Preet’s Character In The Superhit Bruce Lee: The Fighter That We Love

Sneha Bale

May 23, 2019


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1. No time for sweet talks

It doesn’t take any more than a sweet and simple smile from Rakul Preet Singh for us to go gaga. But the talented lass has a lot more in store than her pretty face. In her 2017 hit film, Bruce Lee: The Fighter, she plays the role of Ria Rao, an honest and enthusiastic girl, and sweeps us off our feet with her charisma. We list six quirks that we absolutely love.

Ria is introduced to us as the girl who is considering potential matches for her wedding. But she has one condition — he must be an honest police officer. When she comes across Vennela Kishore, a corrupt cop, she calls him out — loud and clear — in front of an entire restaurant.

2. She's persistent

When she makes up her mind, you can pray for the best but Ria will not stop. She designs a computer game inspired by Ram Charan’s character Kartik as a cop. But what she doesn’t know is that he is actually a stuntman, and not a cop. Despite Kartik, the stuntman, hinting that he is not a police officer, Ria insists that he must help her in uncovering criminals.

3. Oodles of confidence

One fine day, Ria tricks Kartik by telling him about being kidnapped by a group of goons. She sends her location via GPS and asks Kartik to save her. The hero has no choice but to save his girl. He hurriedly asks the goons about her. And there she enters… getting out of a tank and yelling “Police!” As she warns the bad guys to prepare for their bad days, Kartik begins to freak out for his future.

4. Social media butterfly

Ria and Kartik’s love story begins after she uploads a clip of him fighting on the streets in a police uniform on the internet. And thereon, there is no stopping. Clicking selfies and recording videos is a hobby and the pretty woman totally qualifies as a social media butterfly.

5. Connects dots that aren't there

Kartik is living a lie with her girlfriend Ria. But before he can come out clean, Ria holds him up by connecting the dots that aren’t even there. Kartik isn’t in his cop uniform? Because he’s an undercover agent. Meets Kartik with family? Believes he is a lookalike. Kartik pretends to be missing, Ria curses herself for forcing him to continue being a police officer.

6. She is gutsy

Believe it or not, Ria is truly gutsy. Why, you ask? The answer lies in the climax of Bruce Lee: The Fighter. There he is, the megastar Chiranjeevi, saving her from the bad guys with his superb power moves. After thanking him, she proudly says, “meeru achham na boyfriend laage unnaru!” (you are exactly like my boyfriend.) Along with Chiranjeevi, even we found ourselves saying “ala-alega?” And she finally corrects herself by saying, “naa boyfriend mee laage untadu” (my boyfriend is just like you!)

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