6 Pictures Of Actor Jagapathi Babu To Testify That Men Age Like Fine Wine

Sneha Bale

December 2, 2019


1 min

The bad-man swag


Even at the age of 60 and 62, many Tollywood actors are trying to maintain themselves and are seeking roles that are the main leads. However, we are always reminded that one must age gracefully and actor Jagapathi Babu is the living example for it. After being the ‘hero’ all along, he is embracing greyness and dark characters at 57.

Watch his film Srimanthudu here:


Stylish and intimidating


Now, as he explores different cinemas, he is also putting himself out there. From experiments with clothes to experimenting with his roles, Jagapathi Babu is redefining himself. Even now, he is stylish and intimidating.

Carefree and comfortable


For the longest time, Jagapathi Babu did films where he was the good man or turned into a good man, where he was the man of the hour, like Subhalagnam, Maavichiguru, Subhakankshala and more. But almost three decades after his debut film, the actor seems more comfortable and carefree doing the kind of work that he is doing now.

Quirkiness overload


Let’s thank the internet for creating a space where people can come out and be themselves. While Jagapathi Babu’s acting chops are widely appreciated, it is because of the internet that we got to know his real self. He is funny and how! Watch him in Pradeep’s Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta for proof.

Hot and happening


One must take notes from this man on how to stay up to date, relevant and in trend. Because let’s be honest, all men aside, he is the rising star with his salt and pepper swag.

Ravishing and revolutionary


Last and definitely not the least! This man is bringing himself out in front of us. His female fans, however, are demanding something special. They, like us, want to see him romance again.

On that thought, we sign out. Let us know what are your thoughts on this hunk? For now, check out his film Patel SIR on ZEE5.

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