6 Pics Of Actress Ashwini Aka Aarthi From Gattimela That Reveal Her Scintillating Beauty

Parinika Uchil

October 21, 2019

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The beautiful actress Ashwini plays the role of the eldest daughter Aarthi of the Manjunath family on the hit show GattimelaUnlike her onscreen role, of a shy natured, timid girl, Ashwini is a savage when it comes to a talking competition and will beat you hands down. Having said that, the more than gorgeous actress, in my opinion, is one which Gods themselves took upon themselves to create.

With makeup without makeup, with an extravagant dress, with an ordinary dress, Ashwini rocks the look every time with just her beauty alone. We recently noticed that she has been getting clicked extensively and her scintillating beauty will make you speechless. Take a look…

1. Though it’s an Indian traditional combination, Ashwini looks nothing less than a Greek Queen, doesn’t she?

2. Ashwini’s attire will suit well if you are a bride-to-be this festive season because right from hairstyle to accessories to the outfit itself, everything is top notch and she looks gorgeous

3. Just look at that next-to-perfect facial structure, which complements any kind of jewellery

4. This is one of those stunning outfits in which Ashwini has clearly proven that with accessories or without, there is nothing that can stop her from looking beautiful

5. Here the lovely Ashwini sports an indo-fusion look. She has chosen to wear a floral pattern of earrings that gives her a different look altogether

6. Using the same set of earrings for this party/gala-time outfit, and with a different hairstyle, Ashwini looks flawless, nothing more nothing less

Which picture of Ashwini aka Aarthi Manjunath did you like best? Let us know in the comments space given below.

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