6 Pics From Anna And Shevanta’s Wedding From Ratris Khel Chale 2 That You Just Can’t Miss

Kedar Koli

July 22, 2020


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1. The Gorgeous Bride-To-Be

Anna (Madhav Abhyankar) and Shevanta’s (Apurva Nemlekar) relationship in Ratris Khel Chale 2 has gone through tumultuous times during the course of the show. The couple is about to begin a new chapter in their lives by marrying each other in a secret ceremony. Anna’s family is aware of his extramarital affair with Shevanta but doesn’t approve of their relationship. It would be interesting to see how they react once they get to know about his marriage with Shevanta. Rest assured, we are in for a ride as Shevanta will finally get to enter the Naik Wada and gain control of Anna’s life. The seductress has pledged to seek revenge on Anna and we can’t wait to see what’s about to unfold next on the show. But before that, let’s join the couple in celebrating their marriage and look at some of the memorable moments from the much-awaited wedding.

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Shevanta’s wait is finally over as the wedding bells have begun to ring. The dream that she pursued with all her heart has turned into reality. For this special occasion, Shevanta is dolled up in a yellow saree teamed with a green blouse and has adorned her hair with a gajra. She can’t contain her joy on becoming a bride and excitedly puts on the mudavalya.

2. Shevanta Lets The Eyes Do The Talking

The wedding rituals have begun as the bride and the bridegroom have been made to stand before each other. Shevanta’s flirty eyes meet with Anna’s as she can’t stop smiling to see her future husband right before her. Awwwwdorable much?

3. Shevanta Asks Anna To Put On The Mangalsutra

Any wedding is incomplete without the husband putting a mangalsutra around his wife’s neck. So Shevanta seizes the opportunity and asks Anna to put the mangalsutra on her. She asks Anna to fulfil the promise that he had made some time ago and accept Shevanta as his wife wholeheartedly.

4. Anna Is Reminded Of His Promise

Anna is seen lost in thoughts in this picture as he’s reminded by Shevanta of the promise. He hesitates for a moment before taking the leap of faith and tying the mangalsutra on Shevanta. Hope that he stays by Shevanta’s side for eternity!

5. A Sweet Ending To Anna-Shevanta's Wedding

Anna and Shevanta‘s journey has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride of emotions. After several sacrifices by Shevanta and gruesome murders by Anna, the couple is about to start their life afresh. This calls for a celebration right? To ring in the celebrations, Anna has decided to feed a sweet to his beloved wife Shevanta.

6. The Newlyweds Posing For A Photo

Once the wedding rituals were done with, the newlyweds pose for a photo in their wedding attires. While Shevanta sports a heavy-bordered yellow saree, Anna is dressed in a blue kurta and a white shela. This picture of them is already giving us some serious #CoupleGoals!

We wish the newlyweds a happy married life! Comment below and tell us what you think of this adorable couple.

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