6 Of Our Most Favourite Scenes In ZEE5 Original Loser That Will Compel You To Watch It

Sneha Bale

June 1, 2020


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A small act of rebellion

Abhilash Reddy directorial Loser on ZEE5 is a blend of many amazing things. It stars Priyadarshi, Kalpika Ganesh and Shashank at the centre of its story while many other brilliant actors add to their power. The sports-drama revolving around three losers has really made good content a winner. Here are six of our most favourite scenes from the ten-episode series.

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Right in the first episode, we see Ruby Shabana hurriedly taking a penny from her mother. The mother looks around carefully before handing over the coin. As she encourages her daughter to pursue her dream, she also asks her to find an alternative to lying.

The 'true' man

Suri’s lover, like him, trusts his talent and ambition. So, it doesn’t bother that her man does not make big money. In fact, she drops a note in his pocket every now and then, asking him to live a better life. But he reveals that he isn’t taking money to live a better life. He is saving the money so that they could lead a better life together.

A prayer full of hope

Asha makes her husband’s dream and passion her own. As much as she celebrates his victory, she also shares his pain. And when the tables turned against them, she was the one who lived with the pain each day – while the man of her dreams whiled away in drug abuse.

Nostalgia whilst looking forward

Years later, Ruby Shabana helps Suri by risking her husband’s loan. Her reasons seem obvious – she wanted to help someone stand in a place that she couldn’t. But there was more depth. It was a walk down the memory – they called the place their ‘home’. Ruby dreamt again, through Suri, and she lived her best life again while sitting with Suri.

The sturdy might

Suri gets stuck in a crime he hadn’t committed, and Pallavi goes to do what she can – apologise, beg, or plead. She starts her conversation with an alcoholic and depressed man, who failed to see beyond his misery. Even as he gets violent, she stands still with all her might and grace. And, that right here is what we call a woman’s power.

A moment of truth

Lastly, this scene from the pre-climax is the one we truly cherish. Wilson had seen more downs in his life than ups. For the longest time, he didn’t bother what his son was doing or what son-like Suri was stuck in. But the divine light finally shines upon him when Suri rips open a long-kept secret. And that’s when we truly see Wilson’s story come to a beautiful closure.

Watch all the episodes of Loser on ZEE5 and read about it here.

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