6 Important Things To Keep In Mind If Your Mom-In-Law Is Like Akhilandeshwari From Paaru

Parinika Uchil

November 5, 2019

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In India, marriage is the union of two families, not two individuals. As you may be well aware, many women shift to their husband’s house after marriage. Staying with your in-laws generally means a hierarchy has to be followed starting with the home-minister, your mother-in-law (MIL)! Then again, many ladies are lucky enough to have a kind and super cool mom-in-law but then there are those whose MILs like to hold the reigns to everything. Take Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari from the show Paaru for instance. She doesn’t like to be disappointed and makes it a point to keep everyone in check.

She might seem like a tyrant to everyone, but Akhilandeshwari is the kind of person, who thinks well before reacting or making a decision. So what happens if your MIL turns out to be someone like Akhila? We’re about to find out…

1. A positive attitude is a big must

Dealing with a mother-in-law with Akhilandeshwari’s personality comes with its ups and downs. Obviously, you can’t change an older person because of their set ways. So, a tip is to always keep a positive mind that nothing can go wrong. God forbid, even if it does, you must continue your positive attitude because people who like control seldom bend down to others. Fact!

2. Communication is a must

If you know what you want and are confident about it, there is no harm in discussing this with your MIL. How they react is up to them. You will have to show a little calm if she doesn’t agree with you. In such cases, it is important to hear your husband’s perspective on the issue. Based on that you can then think of what to do next.

3. When control is everything

Many-a-times ladies like Akhilandeshwari seldom take anything but their thoughts into consideration. They are control freaks and will not tolerate any nonsense. In such a case, patience is your best friend. More likely than not, Akhila is the way she is for a specific reason. So remember to live and let live.

4. The mom-in-law’s perspective

Even though Akhila seems like a tyrant, if you follow the show, you know that her decisions are well-backed up. She has never and will never work against the interests of her family so if your MIL is like this, you needn’t worry. If at all something about her is really troubling you and you can’t find the courage to approach her directly, use your husband as the buffer (from personal experience, trust me it helps).

5. A way to win her heart

If your mom-in-law is like Akhila, there is a surefire way to win her heart. Such people generally appreciate it when you ask them for advice. So, whenever possible try to get her advice on things if you really want to impress her. It might take some guts but the results will be fruitful.

6. Showing concern

Yes, this simple act works! When she is keeping well, taking care of her or trying to coax her during a tensed period are all ways to find a place for yourself in her heart. She might pretend to be neutral about everything you do but be rest assured, she is taking everything into notice.

Also, remember that impressing your mother-in-law is the best way to keep your husband happy. Who wouldn’t like their partners mixing well with their parents right?

Let us know in the comments box below if these tips helped you.

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