5 Facts About Abhijeet Shwetchandra Aka Saajana’s Pratap We Bet You Didn’t Know Earlier!

Fact #3 about the actor is something we were unaware of. Check it out to know!

Ashutosh Oak

August 15, 2019


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Popularly known for his portrayal of Baaji in the historical TV show Baaji, Abhijeet Shwetchandra has made a comeback with Saajanaa. It is not the first time that the actor is going to be seen on Zee Yuva. Earlier fans loved his portrayal of Chandrakant on Baapmanus. Abhijeet will now portray the character of Pratap who falls in love with a girl named Rama who belongs to a poor family. Despite being opposed by their families and they struggle to live with each other.

Take a look at the trailer of Saajanaa below:

Abhijeet will be seen opposite Puja Birari on the new show. Shwetchandra is known for his hard work and dedication as he makes sure to do justice to all the characters he has played till date. Before we see him on screen, here are some interesting facts about the actor that we bet you didn’t know earlier!

  1. He entered into the entertainment industry with the Marathi movie Chaphekar Brothers in 2016.

    Abhijeet Debut Movie
    Source: Instagram
  2. He also did a movie based on the wrestlers of Maharashtra named Taleem for which he took training in Pune.

    Abhijeet in Pheta
    Source: Instagram
  3. His real name is Abhijeet Bhagat but he changed it and kept the initials of his parent’s name as Shwetchandra which stands for Shweta and Chandrakant.

    Abhijeet closeup picture
    Source: Instagram
  4. Abhijeet is a fitness freak and loves to maintain his physique by cycling and exercising.

    Abhijeet in suit
    Source: Instagram
  5. He has become a master of horse riding as he had to learn it for his show Baaji.

    Abhijeet riding a horse
    Source: Instagram

We cannot wait to see the actor’s chemistry unfold with Puja Birari on Saajana. Are you excited? Give a shoutout in the comments section below!

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