6 Customs From The Pre- Independence Era Shown In Kaksparsh That’ll Interest You

Rukmini Chopra

June 25, 2019


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1. Cleansing the ground

Kaksparsh starring Sahcin Khedekar and Priya Bapat tells the story of a Brahmin family, from the pre-independence era of Konkan. Uma (Priya) gets married to Hari’s (Sachin) younger brother Mahadev (Abhijit Kelkar). But on the night of their marriage’s consummation, Mahadev passes away. We are then taken on a journey of certain orthodox Brahmin rituals that Uma is subjected to but protected from by Hari.

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While Kaksparsh sheds light on the regressive norms followed against women in the pre-independence era, it also shows certain pleasant customs that the families practiced, one being that of cleansing the ground every morning. In this custom, the ladies of the house would wash their house’s ground with water and cover it with mud, to keep it cool during the summers.

2. The wife takes her husband's name by reciting a poem

In this ritual, the newly wedded couple is welcomed in a unique way where the wife is supposed to take her husband’s name, with the help of a fun poem. In this scene from Kaksparsh, Uma does the same and is welcomed by her new family.

3. Celebrating a girl's puberty

In earlier times, when a girl got her periods, the same was celebrated in a grand manner to mark her transition into a woman. The ritual included the girl dressing up and sitting on a swing, as the elder women of the house entertained her by singing songs. We see the same ritual in Kakpsarsh when Uma hits puberty.

4. A prayer before consummating the marriage

Mahadev and Uma are allowed to consummate their marriage, only once the latter becomes a ‘woman.’ This custom was followed in earlier times where a prayer was conducted before the couple’s big night. 

5. Shaving off a widow's head

Once a woman became a widow, she was supposed to sport a white saree at all times and shave off her head. Uma is forced into doing the latter in Kakpsarsh but is always protected by Hari.

6. Pind dan

This ritual is followed at a person’s funeral. A family member talks to the Gods and asks crows to feast upon the food that is offered to them. It is believed that only once the crows eat the food, can a person’s soul be departed in peace. 

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