5 Ways To Stop Your Food Cravings And Get A Body Like Saajana’s Pratap!

Manjiri Shete

November 20, 2019


4 min


While salivating over a delicious doughnut, we rarely think about the downside it has on your health. Because, when doughnut is smiling at you invitingly, it is hard to look away. We don’t blame you, the best of us have failed in resisting the magic of junk food. However, if you want to control your cravings and have a healthy body like Pratap from Saajana, then, it takes more than skipping on just a few junk meals. You have to acknowledge the health adversities these foods bring along with them. On that note, we have chalked out your routine to prevent your cravings. Have a look!

Watch an episode of Saajana before you proceed:

1. Drink water

Apart from relieving you of the toxins and giving you clean skin, drinking water also boasts other benefits. During the times when you feel hungry, allow yourself a glass of water. This will make you feel full which means you were just thirsty in the first place. Make a habit of drink a glass of water 30 mins before having your meals as it curbs overeating.

2. Indulge in healthy fats

Eats mixed dry fruits and nuts will help you feel full and give you the energy. As your hunger pangs dissolve, you will also lose weight in the process. At the same time, these healthy fats also promote in lowering your cholesterol levels and supports good heart health. Having said this, don’t go overboard with it.

3. Eat fruits

Are you someone who loves sugar and has a hard time dealing with its absence? If so, then you would love this option. When you are skipping on processed sugar, the natural sugar from fruits and jaggery is allowed. Eating fresh fruits boasts major health benefits like balancing your blood sugar levels and hydrating your body. Moreover, when you keep yourself away from sugar for a long time, the fruits will start tasting sweeter.

4. Change your outlook towards junk

Before you start implementing all these habits, you have to mentally prepare yourself to give up junk. As delicious as junk food maybe, you have to mentally change your outlook by understanding the amount of oil, preservatives and chemicals it has in it. Sometimes, the street food which seems delicious from afar has been prepared the previous day’s oil. You don’t want to be indulging in that.

5. Avoid stress-eating

When we are put in stressful situations, we heavily tend to rely on eating junk food. This is a subconscious habit responsible for making you put on weight. However, you can avoid it by taking a walk in an open environment or practising meditation and deep breathing. They will help in calming your nerves.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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