5 Ways To Stay Strong During Tough Times Like Nakshi Kantha’s Shabnam

Promita Mukherjee

September 30, 2019


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1. Do not panic

Even though Jash (played by Suman Dey) had told her not to leave home in a recent episode of the popular Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha, the innate goodness in Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) ensured that she left the shenanigans of the wedding to stand by the person she loves. But on the way, she got kidnapped by people of her village who were determined to teach her a lesson. However, even as they were threatening to kill her, Shabnam did not lose her cool. She kept calm stayed positive, and in the end, she was rescued. If you too, face an adverse situation, you can follow her lead and not panic. The tough times will eventually go. Here are a few ways in which you can handle such situations. Read on.

The key to handling a difficult situation is to not panic. When you are panicking, you won’t be able to think straight and therefore, won’t be able to think up ways to come out of such situations.

2. Stay positive

Positivity is the key. Tough times bring out your inner strength that you never knew you had in the first place. Stay positive and think up solutions which will help you come out of the problem that you are facing. Think of all the times you have faced tough situations and emerged victorious from them.

3. Chin up

Do not take to negative thoughts. If you feel that your mind is veering towards them, think of happy memories and times that you have spent with your loved ones. That will help you think straight.

4. Do your best

Yes, not everything is in our hands always. But all we can do is give our best shot and then hope that things will turn out well. And trust us, if you do your best, who knows that things might turn in your favour too. So keep anxiety aside and strive hard.

5. Keep control

When you are facing an adverse situation, you need to keep a control on your emotions. That will empower you to come up with ideas and solutions you would not have thought of otherwise.

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