5 Ways To Grieve Like Your Favourite Kalyana Vaibhogam Characters

Sneha Bale

September 11, 2019


1 min

1. Pretense

Sadness and grieving are entirely human. Some believe in expressing it through silent tears and some through loud hue and cry. But either way, we all feel sad and express our sadness. It is interesting to note that each person has their own way of expressing their emotions. The ZEE Telugu show Kalyana Vaibhogam has opened our eyes to five types of grieving in a close-knit circuit.

Starting with Nithya! She acted to be Manga to get close to Jai. She even fell down the stairs to tackle the obstacle of being pregnant. However, as others around her truly felt pain, Nithya pretended to be sad. Her frown would turn to smile, the moment others’ eyes were off her.

2. Playing the blame-game

Jai is known to be the one who ‘needs’ to have everything in accordance to his plan. When things did not go as planned, Jai started to find a way to escape from the situation and the problem by blaming others. The blame does not come out of sourness for the person but it comes out of the pain in his heart.

3. Practical approach

Kalpana, Jai’s step-mother, has always been the one to console her son as if his pain is hers. Since she knows that Jai doesn’t manage to get a good perspective of things, Kalpana takes the onus of approaching the problem with a practical point of view. Although it hurts, she does not let emotions get the better of her.

4. Hopeful

Jeji, the eldest in the Suryadevara house, is also the wisest. Maybe that is why it is said that the old are wise. She sees the problem, faces the situation but does not lose hope for a better tomorrow.

5. Venturing beyond what's visible

Chary, Jai’s Personal Assistant, is the one to think out of the box. The situation may be right in front of his eyes, but he ventures into the lesser-known territories to explore the deeper truths behind the problem/situation. Basically, Chary’s sadness and fears ignite his inquistiveness.

Let us know what are the other ways of grieving below. And now have a laugh with Vijay Devarakonda’s Taxiwaala on ZEE5.

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