5 Ways In Which You Can Deal With A Toxic Ex Like Tejas From Vartul

Manjiri Shete

May 29, 2019


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While watching Vartul, you cannot help but pity Meenakshi’s position because of Tejas’ emotional manipulation. We thought being married to Abhijeet will bring her happiness, instead, the situation between her and Tejas is just worsening by the day. He is punishing her for leaving him as he can’t stop coming between her and Abhijeet.

Watch Vartul below:

While on reel, one can’t help Meenakshi, but if you know someone who is in the same situation in real life, there are always to help! Take notes.

1. Understand they are toxic

Things like threatening, abusing emotionally and physically are the red flags of any relationship. You have to understand they aren’t going let you separate from them that easily, but you have to stay strong through the battle and do it.

2. Don’t be the victim

Always remember, the moment you show your abuser the weakness, they won’t think twice before exploiting it. Meenakshi is always seeing crying about her situation as Tejas seems to take advantage of it. You have to be smart and powerful. You have the strength in you to take action against the people who are doing wrong towards you.

3. Find someone to talk to

You cannot keep hoping that they will change. Instead, you have to take action. It could start by sharing your battles with your loved ones. If you are afraid of what they will think, then, you are just talking to the wrong people. Someone close to you, won’t ever judge you.

4. Focus on finding the solution

Crying about the same situation isn’t going to lead you anywhere. You need to start to focus on various positive possibilities. Like Meenakshi, if your ex-spouse is threatening to hurt you, call the cops or speak about this to someone close. Completely end communicating with them.¬†Amidst this, don’t ever lose hope.

5. Stand by your principles 

Just because they are stooping low, doesn’t mean you should too. Do not compromise with your integrity and honesty, it isn’t worth it. You have the power in you to just stop the torture happening on you. Don’t let your partner patronise you and gain sadistic happiness out of it.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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