5 Ways In Which Vaidehi And Manas Can Have A Low-Key Anniversary Celebration

We would love to see how the Phulpakhru couple spends their special day.

Manjiri Shete

July 31, 2019


3 min


If you have watched Phulpakhru recently, then, you would know it is Manas and Vaidehi’s first marriage anniversary. They have come a long way from being college sweethearts to sharing a life together as husband and wife. Through the good and the bad, they had stayed strong without straying away from each other. So, now, on the ocassion of their anniversary, here are ways they can celebrate it low-key just as they want it.

Before you proceed, watch the episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. Candlelight dinner

In their busy lives, since Vaidehi and Manas are working professionals, it is hard to make time for one another. A candlelight dinner on their special day is a perfect way to talk about each other’s lives and the future.

2. Have a lazy day together

Is there anything better than doing nothing and just cuddling in the bed? Phulpakhru’s favourite couple could binge on their favourite movies and play board games. This also means no cooking and ordering food from outside.

3. Cook together 

To some, cooking can be very therapeutic and a stressbusting activity. We think cooking for each other could be very romantic, given you’re making dishes with enthusiasm. You could prepare each other’s favourite recipes and spend time laughing and making memories.

4. Drive to theirfavourite spot

We are sure Manas and Vaidehi must be having places which they mutually admire. Taking this opportunity, they both could visit those spots and reminisce why they love it so much. With Mahi accompanying them, it would be double the fun.

5. Take a hobby class together

What’s more fun than exploring your mutual interests together? In our monotonous lives, it is fun jumping out of your comfort zone and learning something new. You could use your creativity to rejuvenate yourself and uplift your spirits.

What do you think about the above ideas? Let us know in the comments if you want to add any more to the list.

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