5 Twists In The Last Episode Of High Priestess That Make It Worth The Watch

Sneha Bale

May 5, 2019


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1. Scary yet subtle

ZEE5 Original web series High Priestess starring Amala Akkineni has set new bars and we’re loving the new spirit it has brought along, no puns intended. If you have missed out on the wonderful eight-episode experience that High Priestess is, we suggest you take some time off and binge-watch the series. Not convinced? Maybe these reasons will help you.

Unlike most other shows dealing with spirits and supernatural, High Priestess does not intend to scare you out of your wits. It is scary but the scenes slide in and out of the story so smoothly that it becomes something that you want to watch with your eyes wide open.

2. Giving us explanations

We all love a good classic ending. But many times, a lot is lost in translation. That’s not the case in High Priestess. As we know, Swathi Reddy (Amala), is a psychic and a tarot card reader who helps people find and fight the inner demons. The stories, or rather Swathi’s cases, are spread across eight episodes. But at no point does it feel haphazard. In the end, viewers are given a clear explanation that connects all dots.

3. More insights

Every episode and case that Swathi deals with in High Priestess, has been meaningful and relevant — both the problems and the solutions. At first one may wonder why there was so little revealed about the tarot card reading that Swathi performs for her old friend Vikram. But hang in there, pal! It gets better and better until the last episode when we finally get all the answers that we wanted all along.

4. The closure that we all deserved

In the show, Swathi maintains a cordial relationship with everyone she meets. However, something is different with Vikram. We see flashbacks of the college romance that they shared. And then Vikram shows up at Swathi’s door many years later after having no contact at all. Why was he there? What happened all these years? What made him come there? These are the questions that must be on your minds. Get ready because the answers will shake you up.

5. The perfect cliff hanger

Do you love cliff hangers? No matter what your answer is, director Pushpa Ignatius gives you a cliff hanger that feels so sweet and bitter at the same that you cannot forget what just happened. In the last episode, we see Swathi cry once again. But this time she cries because it’s time to bid goodbye… to us until the next season.

As you wait for the next season of High Priestess, check out the killer comedy original series Mrs. Subbalakshmi starring Manchu Lakshmi and Srinivas Avasarala.

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