5 Tips You Should Follow If You Want Dazzling Long Nails Like Pallavi Gowda

Parinika Uchil

April 23, 2019

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Namma favourite Nanditha from Jodi Hakki always amazes us with her beauty and grace. Amongst all the self-care she provides herself, we were mesmerised by her nails the most. They are almost always perfectly shaped and totally add to her beauty.

Time for you to learn the biggest truth of Rama’s life:

Generally, nails are a very sensitive topic for those women who try their best but can’t grow them long and healthy due to various reasons. Have you always wanted to flaunt your nails in an outing or for an event but can’t ever seem to do so without external help? Don’t worry, we are here to the rescue. These five amazing tips will help you achieve dazzling long nails just like Pallavi Gowda.

1. Moisturisation is imperative

Just imagine the state of a plant if it doesn’t get the proper moisture that it needs. Our nails or hands need some amount of moisturization to keep the dryness away. Dry nails are always weaker and end up being the reason for easy breakage. Make greasy products like Vaseline your best friend.

2. Never nibble on your nails

This is probably the worst thing you can do to your nails. Remember, not only does the health of the nails deteriorate because of this extremely bad habit, but it can also damage the insides of your stomach because of the properties they contain. Add the dirt collected under the nails due to various reasons into your stomach and this would be a recipe for disaster.

3. Vitamins should be your soul mates

To achieve healthy and long nails, a few important nutrients must be consumed by us. These supplements come in the form of Vitamins H, B9, A and C. To make it easier for you, try any foods like Bananas, leafy green vegetables, eggs, milk and citruses of all kinds.

4. Try out nail therapies at home

There are many nail therapies that are easy and cost-efficient. Doing these at home is like a piece of cake because they don’t require many items. The best therapy you can do is the coconut oil therapy, where you warm up some oil and massage your nails in a circular motion. This acts as a brilliant way to increase blood circulation and ensure proper nourishment.

5. Never forcefully chip out the dried polish on your nails

Chipping off the dried polish from your nails is almost like forcefully trying to pull out some hair. Although nails don’t bring any sensation, its health is important if you want to grow nails like Pallavi Gowda.

If you love nails or if you have a passion for growing nails long and can’t do so, these five tips will help you. Hoping to see you smiling wide just like Namma Nanditha.

Do you follow any of these tips? Which was your favourite tip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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