5 Tips To Give A Monochromatic Look To Your House Like Vikrant’s In Tula Pahate Re

Manjiri Shete

May 25, 2019


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1. If you are scared, start with the bathroom first

In Tula Pahate Re, another thing more enticing than the storyline is the beautiful monochromatic home decor of the Saranjame bungalow. The rustic bricks add an archaic appeal to the house. As the camera pans in the house during the show, we can’t help but stare at how artistic it looks. If you are planning to take inspiration from their house, here are guidelines you ought to follow.

Before you proceed, watch the video below:

Since the bathroom will be the smallest of the rooms in the house, you could get a fair idea of what you are exactly looking for. This much less scarier than starting with a living room or the kitchen.

2. Imagination is the key

As you are opting just one shade, the texture plays a major role in making your house look excellent. Before you choose your favourite texture, try to imagine it with the colour you are picking. Then think, will they both blend well? If yes, then how much can you use this texture?

3. Try To add subtle contrasts

The monochrome home decor allows you to play with the different colours of the same shade. Like in white, you could opt for offwhite, ivory and vanilla. You also get the independence to pay attention to the details.

4. You can be slightly bold with the contrasts, too

You can use extreme contrast colours, too. Like, a black coloured wall can be very soothing. It adds the right amount of spice in the otherwise blandness.

5. Step into the dark side

You can amp up the dark decor by adding decorative art pieces. If you think the atmosphere in the house is too gothic, use lights suitable to bring happiness back in that place.

Which of the above tips will you be applying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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