5 Times The Abhi-Pragya Reunion Almost Happened On Kumkum Bhagya, But Didn’t

Kenneth Carneiro

July 28, 2019


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1. When Daadi Sees Pragya At The Temple

On Kumkum Bhagya, The AbhiGya love story is iconic. Their separation has become as iconic as their marriage itself. For a long time the makers of the show have teased the audience with Abhi and Pragya returning as husband and wife. They even gave in once and made Abhi and Pragya meet but only to drift apart again. Here’s a list of a few times Abhi and Pragya almost met each other but then didn’t.

One of the first instances was when Abhi takes Daadi to a temple. There Daadi finds Pragya praying at the temple too. She asks Pragya to wait and calls Abhi. But Pragya panics and leaves. Daadi asks Abhi to follow Pragya and bring her back. Abhi searches around for Pragya but realises she is lost in the crowd.

2. When Abhi Visits Pragya's House

Abhi goes to Pragya’s house the first time he takes Rhea to apologise to her. Pragya is in another room where Rhea went to meet her. Abhi tastes the coffee there and remembers Pragya but doesn’t get to see her face. The next time he visits Pragya’s house she mistakes Abhi to be a robber. Abhi gets beaten up and doesn’t meet Pragya again.

3. Pragya Spills Atta On Abhi

Abhi hires Pragya’s landlady, Sarita, as his caterer for a party. Pragya is in the kitchen helping Sarita prepare food for the party. Abhi sees Pragya from behind trying to reach a box of atta on a higher shelf. When he goes to help her the atta spills from the box and falls on Abhi’s face. When Pragya turns back she can’t recognise Abhi with Atta on his face. Abhi too is unable to see Pragya since his eyes are covered with flour.

4. When Pragya Is Forced To Shoot Abhi

Pragya follows Prachi to Abhi’s company’s five year celebration. She is afraid of running into Abhi when she hears he is performing. Pragya gets into a mess where she is forced to assassinate the CM. Abhi gets in the way and Pragya is forced to shoot him. Pragya refuses to shoot Abhi thinks he has seen Pragya but focuses on getting the CM to safety.

4. When Abhi And Pragya Go To The Police Station

Abhi and Pragya have had many possible run-ins at the police station. The first time when Prachi was arrested for robbery, Abhi helps with Prachi’s release and leaves just before Pragya shows up. When Rhea is in jail, Pragya releases her and leaves as Abhi reaches the police station. More recently when Prachi is in jail for the drug case, Abhi and Pragya spend time in the same police station without coming face-to-face.

More recently Abhi and Pragya are both heading to the same police station with the criminals who framed Prachi. Watch the upcoming episodes to find out if Abhi and Pragya meet at the police station this time.

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