5 Times Rhea Came Up With Evil Plans To Ruin Prachi’s Life And Reputation On Kumkum Bhagya

Kenneth Carneiro

July 23, 2019


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1. Accusing Prachi of Robbery

On Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea has had a problem with Prachi from the moment they came face to face in college. Rhea tries to rag Prachi but it ends up backfiring on her. That incident set off a long list of revenge plots which Rhea cooked up for Prachi. With Rhea every plan is more evil than the next. The latest one, this week, sees Rhea plant drugs in Prachi’s bag and getting her arrested.

Watch how Rhea manages to frame Prachi for holding drugs here.

The first major accusation Rhea framed Prachi for was at her own birthday party. Prachi is a waitress at Rhea’s birthday party. Rhea plants her necklace in Prachi’s pocket then accuses her of robbing it. Prachi ends up in jail where Abhi comes to release her. Seeing how much Abhi cares about Prachi makes Rhea even more jealous.

2. Running Over Pragya With Her Car

Rhea finds Prachi shopping with her mother at a roadside stall. She decides to ram her car into Prachi. But she misses and runs over Pragya instead. Prachi forces Rhea to take them to a hospital and even gets Rhea arrested for her crime. But Pragya decides to let Rhea go without any punishment. This makes Rhea like Pragya but her hatred for Prachi continues.

3. Poisoning The Food

Pragya starts her own catering service where Prachi and Shahana help her. Their first client is at Abhi’s house for a big anniversary party. Rhea gets jealous seeing Abhi praise Prachi’s cooking. She adds a powder to the food that makes everyone at the party sick. Prachi gets suspended from college and tries to commit suicide. Abhi later forces the principal to take Prachi back in college and helps restore Prachi’s pride.

4. Faking Her Own Death

Rhea faked her own death to get revenge on Prachi. Rhea and her friends made it look like Prachi had thrown Rhea off a cliff when they go for a camp. Abhi panics and threatens to put Prachi in jail. However, he is forced to eat his own words when he finds out Rhea faked her death to get Abhi’s attention and lower Prachi is his eyes. Pragya this time also is the first to forgive Prachi.

5. Frames Prachi For Holding Drugs

The latest evil plot Rhea cooks up has Prachi in real trouble. Rhea puts drugs in Prachi’s bag and calls the police to check. Even Abhi and Pragya’s efforts to release Prachi from jail. In the light of this case Prachi is again expelled from college. How do you think Rhea should pay for her crimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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