5 Times Gayatri Datar Impressed Us With Her Personality In Tula Pahate Re

Manjiri Shete

March 10, 2019


3 min

After seeing Isha tackle situations efficiently in Tula Pahate Re, it’s high time to give her a much-deserved round of applause. Gayatri Datar, who plays this role, has transformed into a #BossLady in the Marathi TV show. Balancing personal and professional life isn’t easy, but she is doing it efficiently.
Watch her acting in Tula Pahate Re below:
On that note, here are five times when Isha impressed us with her intelligence.
1. Intelligence is attractive
In the recent Labour Union crisis, Isha may not have taken Rajanandini’s approach, but she definitely proved she is as intelligent as her. After studying the company’s history, she turned the labour contractors’ game against them. Isha found a major fraud happening in the company which went undetected even by Jhende and Myra.
2. Learning from your mistakes tastes better than eating a vada pav
Initially, Isha wasn’t in favour of joining the company quickly after marriage. It was Vikrant Sarnajame’s emotional blackmail that made her do it. Even though she made mistakes the first few times, Isha gradually learned from them.
3. Professional and personal life balance, who doesn’t need that?
After going to office, Isha never neglected kitchen responsibilities. She prefers being in the kitchen and helping Manda and Bobby as much as she loves working in the office.
4. Gratitude towards your parents goes a long way
Right since the start of the show, Isha is shown as a self-reliant girl. In fact, her first salary she gave it to her parents without thinking much about her shopping list. Even after becoming the director of Rajanandini Sarees, her attitude towards her parents hasn’t changed a bit.
5. Cheers to gender equality
She doesn’t depend on her husband to make business decisions. Like the time, when she found the fraud in Saranjame Group of Industries. In Vikrant’s absence, she becomes the face of the company. Even though she is the youngest one in the company that doesn’t deter her from making mature decisions.
What are the qualities of Isha that you admire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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