5 Times Ankush Was The Troublemaker On Saajana

Manjiri Shete

February 14, 2020


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1. When Ankush tried to break Suman's marriage

The love story of Rama and Pratap in Saajana has been nothing short of dramatic. Recently, finally, as Suman was going to get married to Pratap’s friend, Ankush sent a letter her. The letter said he will help Suman to run away and fulfil her dreams of becoming an actress in Mumbai. Luckily, this letter was found by Rama who stopped her from attempting to slip off.

Before you proceed, watch Saajana below:

2. When Ankush's men tried to sabotage Raosaheb's name

Remember when Ankush’s men, with his support, started a petition to hinder the bridge construction that Raosaheb was doing? However, they did not end up getting many signatures as the construction of the bridge continued.

3. When Ankush tried to bully Rama

Last week, we saw each time Rama stepped out to go to work or in the market, Akush tried to bully her. He went to the lengths of snatching the book from her hand just to dominate over her.

4. Ankush's men instigated Rajkumar against Pratap

During her first attempt to run away, Suman bumped into Pratap who was on his bike. Ankush’s men clicked their picture together and misled Rajkumar into believing that Pratap had helped her run away. This led to a huge fight between Rajkumar who accused Pratap in front of the whole village.

5. Ankush forcefully clicked selfies with two girls

At the beginning of Saajana, we saw Ankush eve-teasing two girls who came back from the river with the vessels filled with water. He stopped them on their way back and started trying to click a selfie with them. Even as one of them started crying, Akush didn’t bother holding back as he continued harassing them.

What do you think about the above points? If you hate Ankush as must as we do, then, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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