5 Times Abhi And Pragya’s Meetings On Kumkum Bhagya Ended With A Dramatic Twist

Aayushi Sharma

March 15, 2020


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1. Pragya walks away thinking her other daughter hates her

Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya have taught us that you can love someone even from distance. Theirs is a classic ‘Eternal Love’ story. It doesn’t matter if you see them everyday or not, true love never fades away. Since the beginning of the Zee TV show, #AbhiGya have never enjoyed marital bliss. There is always trouble in their paradise, so much so that even when they meet after staying apart for long, a dramatic twist takes place. In the recent episodes, Abhi and Pragya came face-to-face at the Lohri celebrations.

In a major delight for Abhi and Pragya fans, the couple shares a romantic dance and spend quality time together. However, it all goes for a toss when Aliya insults Pragya and tells her that her other daughter (who grew up with Abhi) hates her. An upset Pragya walks away despite Abhi’s best attempts to make her understand. Later, we see Ranbir getting arrested under the charges of molesting Maya.

2. Disha meets with an accident

Abhi and Pragya dance together for a while at a wedding function before Abhi walks away. Later, Priyanka attacks Madhu, who screams for help and Rishi rushes to her aid. A furious Aliya later pulls Disha aside and accuses her of using cheap tactics to win Purab over. In the episodes thereafter, we see Aliya trying to run Disha over with her car. Disha is admitted to a hospital while Aliya gets arrested.

3. Prachi and Sanju's incident

During the Diwali festivities, Abhi decides to surprise Pragya. He goes to her place to meet her. However, when he returns to the Mehra mansion, he finds that something wrong is happening. Rhea had planned to spike Prachi’s drink and everyone catches her in a compromising position with Sanju. Prachi pleads guilty but no one listens to her. Abhi asks the doors be shut and nobody will be able to leave. The waiters are made to line up and Prachi identifies the one who served her the drink. But before Rhea is ratted out, Priyanka creates a distraction.

4. Goons break into the Mehra mansion during the Lambodaraya Janmotsav

During the Ganeshotsav celebrations, Abhi and Pragya come under the same roof and even have a dreamy romantic sequence. However, gold smugglers break into the house and everyone’s lives are at risk. Abhi goes to save others while Pragya too rushes to save the day. Sarita is admitted to the hospital and Pragya rushes to be by her side.

5. The construction site collapses, Abhi gets hurt

Abhi and Pragya met after being away from each other for 20 years at a construction site. Pragya gets lost getting out the building and walks through the same construction site where Abhi is passing by. There she meets Abhi and they both come face to face with each other. They stand in front of each other remembering their past memories. However, the construction site collapses and a slab falls on Abhi’s head. He is admitted, Prachi donates her blood to him but Pragya avoids meeting him later.

Watch more video clips of Abhi-Pragya’s Eternal Love this Valentine’s Day #2XTheLove.

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