5 Times Gattimela’s Aarthi And Amulya Manjunath Proved They Are Traditional Yet Modern

Parinika Uchil

November 17, 2019

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The most popular show Gattimela on Zee Kannada continues to impress its fans with every episode. Kudos to the makers who thought of such an amazing concept. Gattimela looks at the story of Amulya Manjunath and her future beau Vedanth Vashishta. Up until this moment, these two seem to be nemesis of the first order but their siblings, Aarthi and Vicky are madly in love with each other and were almost about to get married, so there’s some respite after all.

Today we will look at some reasons at how Amulya and Aarthi Manjunath live with traditional values but have a modern heart.

1. Breaking stereotypes that only sons can take care of the family

Amulya has broken one of the biggest stereotypes of the traditional society which states that only sons are entitled to take care of their family. From making big decisions in the house to earning for her family, Amulya does it all! Doubtey beda!

2. Aarthi falls in love with a guy much younger than her

While it is still considered taboo in many parts of the country, the fact is that age can never define love. We have so many excellent examples in the sports and film industry that you can’t deny that anyone can fall in love. Aarthi, who is an ideal daughter to her parents, falls madly in love with Vicky, a man much younger than her. And look at how happy they make each other. You may see Aarthi worries when he is around, but I am sure you can imagine her delight when hopefully her parents agree to this union.

3. Sibling love and support like never before

You Will Love The Chemistry Between Nisha And Her Onscreen Gattimela Family
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Girl power is one word to describe the Manjunath sisters. Where nowadays many of you might see a lot of sibling rivalry, the Manjunath sisters are like a pack. They correct each other when they commit a mistake but never ever fail in having each other’s back.

4. Amulya’s tolerance to modern ways of life

Although she knew it was morally wrong, Amulya was ready to lie to her parents and get Aarthi married to Vicky. Thankfully for her, Aarthi herself backed out of the secretive wedding. While I am not saying that what Amulya did was completely right, but sometimes it is important to let go of your rigidness if it means making your loved ones happy. That’s why Aarthi forgave Amulya almost immediately because she was trying to do a good thing.

5. For Aarthi everything starts with obeying her parents

A Still Of Sudha Narasimharaju In Gattimela
A Still Of Sudha Narasimharaju In Gattimela

Aarthi Manjunath, the eldest daughter of Parimala, hates to do anything without her parents’ permission. She even walked out from her secret wedding to Vicky arranged by Amulya and Vedanth, because she knew that’s not how her parents have brought her up. Which is a very good habit that even you should inculcate in your life. With the fast-paced environment of today’s time, children often forget to even take their parents’ consent. Remember, they have created you and brought you up with utmost love and care, so reciprocating that in kind is your moral duty. Way to go Aarthi!

What about Gattimela do you love most? Do you agree with our parents? Share your feedback in the space provided.

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