5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Watching Ladachi Me Lek Ga Starring Mitali Mayekar And Smita Tambe

Here a few things you need to know about before diving into this new-age romance drama on Zee Marathi.

Kedar Koli

September 15, 2020


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Zee Marathi’s new show Ladachi Me Lek Ga has come as a breather from the usual drama in the daily soaps. The show will be stepping into the romantic drama genre with a hefty cast led by Mitali Mayekar, Smita Tambe, and Aroh Welankar. The expectations are high since the show is replacing Mrs Mukhyamantri, with a similar concept but twice the intensity. We hope that you’ve read through the five reasons to watch the show we had provided and decided to give it a try. But before you begin watching it on TV, here are a few things that you need to know about the show.

Watch the first episode of the show here.

1. A love story filled with terror and hatred

The show is a perfect blend of romance and hatred. The protagonist Kasturi, who hails from a humble background, gets married to Sourabh. Their happy marriage is the calm before the storm as Kasturi fails to realise that Sourabh’s mother is waiting to pounce on her. But why does she want to get revenge from Kasturi? Go watch the show to find out!

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2. Atypical backgrounds of the protagonists

Kasturi is a nurse and the go-to person for anyone who wants to fix both things and bones. On the other hand, Sourabh is a doctor who has returned to his motherland after studying medicine abroad. They both come across each other at the hospital where the two are working. Their profession becomes a common thread for them to unite and get married.

3. Kasturi’s dilemma

Mummy’s terror knows no bounds as she dominates Kasturi after her marriage with Sourabh. Kasturi will soon be facing a dilemma and will have to choose between love and life since Mummy is hellbent upon killing her.

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4. Mummy, the fearsome lady don

Sourabh’s mother is a terrifying lady don, who unlike Kasturi, likes breaking bones. She is the one in authority on the show and others are merely puppets for her. Let’s see how Mummy takes control of Kasturi and Sourabh’s life with her power.

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5. The experienced cast

The show looks promising owing to the amazing cast it boasts of. Mitali Mayekar, Aroh Welankar, and Smita Tambe are simply unmatchable in terms of the experience they bring on board. We bet the trio will take the show to the top of TRP ratings in a jiffy! There’s also Umesh Jagtap who you might remember seeing in Tula Pahate Re as Jhende.

Let’s get started with the entertainment by watching Ladachi Mi Lek Ga streaming for free now on ZEE5.

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