5 Things You Can Learn From Purushotaman’s Character In Sembaruthi

September 26, 2019


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Purushotaman from Sembaruthi is, without doubt, one of the most genuine characters that we have ever seen. His calm composed eyes that reek of kindness, his gentle smile and his soft tone of speaking with others, they all add to his serene nature. In fact, Purushotaman’s character is not much different from the actor who plays his part and that is Sanjay Kumar Asrani. Sanjay as an actor is no doubt a talented person but he is also a calm and composed soul. Which is evident from the Insta page that he maintains where he publishes his quotes.

Watch the charm that Purushotaman adds to the show Sembaruthi.

Now, this Purushotaman has the potential to become a source of inspiration. Because there are many things about this character that could be adopted as one’s way of life. So, here are the five things that you could learn and adapt from Purushotaman.

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1. Humility

Purushotaman is a humble man, although he is rich and powerful, he will never do things which highlighting both of these traits. He has a certain sense of understanding of things around him and this is what makes him this humble.

2. Positivity

He is a positive man who tries to take everything with a pinch of salt. Thus, he knows that Akhilandeshwari is adamant but he does not create an issue for that, as he sees her positive side and tries to support her.

3. Happiness

In the series, you will find that he mostly has a smile playing on his lips, this is due to his attitude in which he tries to find happiness in small things.

4. Supportive

He is a supportive father and a good husband. Thus, he does not make hasty decisions when it comes to his wife and children and always hears them out.

5. Strong

Although he is silent and calm that does not mean he is not strong. We can see that many times Akhilandeshwari loses her calm for small things but Purushotaman handles it well. Thus, in your life aim to be like Purushotaman and try to find happiness in small things.

So, what do like best about this character? Share your thoughts in the section given below.

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