5 Things We Can All Learn From Sushant Singh Rajput And The Characters He Played


July 1, 2020


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5 qualities of Manav Deshmukh played by Sushanth Singh

Sushant Singh Rajput debuted with Pavitra Rishta where he essayed the role of Manav, who was a mechanic in a garage and then made it big in life by starting his business, similarly, Sushant who was also a complete outsider made it big in the industry. Sushant and Manav had a few traits in common that are admirable and one can definitely learn from them.

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1. Generosity

Manav was known for his generous nature, even in difficult times when nobody supported Archana’s sister Varsha, Manav came to her rescue, similarly, Manav would go to any extent to make Archana happy. In reality, also Sushant was an extremely generous and charitable person who supported many causes and helped the underprivileged. He had donated Rs1 crore to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund on behalf of a fan and then shared a screenshot of his donation in the fan’s name with the hashtag ‘My Kerala’.

2. Ambition

Sushant was an extremely ambitious person and he made his dreams a reality by making it to the A-listers in Hindi film industry, his ambitions weren’t just limited to earth, he had also bought a piece of land in the moon. His love for science was something that made him different and also proves that he was extremely intelligent. In Pavitra Rishta, Manav had determined to become a better person and he goes to London to make it big and only returns when he is successful. This proves how ambitious and determined his reel and real screen self was.

3. Humble

Manav was extremely humble and he treated everyone with respect and love in the show, despite Archana’s mother disapproving of him, he never disrespected her, he always treated the people in his garage with the utmost kindness, Sushant in real life was extremely humble and kind, he would always make a point to reply to his fans and strike conversations with them whenever he would get time.

4. Diligent

Sushant was an extremely diligent person, he would literally transform himself in any role he portrayed. He underwent an extremely tedious process to play Lakhan in Sonchiriya, similarly, Sushant who came from humble beginnings worked very hard to make it big as an actor all due to his diligence and hard work.

5. Gratitude

Sushant was very grateful and he would always credit his crew and team members for everything. He would always put his family first, he made sure his team and people around him were well taken care of, he would also be kind to his fans and thanked them for watching his movies. He played the character of Mansoor in Kedarnath, a reserved Muslim porter, falls in love with Mukku, the beautiful and rebellious daughter of a Hindu priest. But their love is put to the test amid misunderstandings and nature’s wrath. Sushant garnered a lot of love for the movie but he credited everything to the director and fans, expressing his gratitude.

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